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Nate Allen explains entire story of his detainment (VIDEO)

The News-Press recently released an exclusive video of Philadelphia Eagles safety Nate Allen explaining the entire story behind his arrest/detainment. Allen already explained his story to the media, but watching this video gives you a clear sense of what happened from his perspective. There's also a better sense of the fear and anger he went through. (Definitely give the video a watch, and apologies for the autoplay because I couldn't figure how to turn it off.)

News-Press reports that Allen has hired an attorney.

Nate Allen has hired an attorney, who is looking not just to clear his client's name but wants answers as to why the Fort Myers Police Department arrested and detained the NFL safety for almost five hours Monday.

"You've got to clear your name, and then you've got to look at FMPD and say, why did you do this to him, and how are you going to make this right?" said attorney Sawyer Smith.

Allen will be a free agent when the new league year begins on March 10. The Eagles allowed Allen to test the market last year before bringing him back. It seems like Philadelphia might not be in a rush to bring him back this either year.

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