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Emmanuel Acho shows up at high school to surprise his Eagles fan prom date


You may recall that Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho is headed back to prom after losing a bet to a fan on Twitter. To recap: a girl by the name of Hannah Delmonte sent a direct message to Acho on Instagram last month asking if he'd go to prom with her if over 2,000 people retweeted her tweet. Acho raised the stakes to 10,000, thinking that would be much more difficult to pull off, but Hannah passed the 10K number with ease. Acho, surprised by her success, promised he would honor the deal.

Acho proved to be a man of his word when he showed up at Delmonte's high school this week to surprise her with an official prom invitation. Check out how that went down:

Heartwearming, indeed. Here was Hannah's take on things:

Just a really cool story. Acho man rules.

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