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Mychal Kendricks talks about his crush on Rihanna

Match maker.

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It was over a year ago when Rihanna gave an unexpected show of affection for Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks on his Instagram. As you may remember, she declared Kendricks as her "Man Crush Monday" on that day.

Is it Monday? Cuz chhh.... #MCM

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Well now over a year later, Kendricks is finally returning the favor. The Eagles linebacker posted the following picture on his Instagram last week on "Woman Crush Wednesday" (don't you love social media?):

100k Wednesday, I think it needs to be said #WCW @badgalriri

Une photo publiée par Mychal Kendricks (@mykey_k) le

E! News also recently caught up with Kendricks, who was out in Arizona at the site of Super Bowl XLIX, to get his thoughts on his crush.

""She is pretty and cute. She is self-made as far as getting herself off that island. She is successful," Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks told E! News exclusively during Super Bowl weekend. "I heard she has a crazy aura and people's energy are just drawn to her and she has the ability to attract other people's energy."

It also may have helped that Rihanna called out Kendricks as her #MCM (Also known as Man Crush Monday) on Instagram last year after a tough game.

"We had just lost the day before. We were out of the playoffs and it was really sad around the facility because we were doing so good and we showed lots of promise and then we lost," he admitted. "[Then] this Rihanna post happened to me and I was not sad and mad and upset or however they were feeling. I was the complete opposite.

Kendricks goes on to say that he would like to take her to Del Friscos and go go-cart racing with her. He also gives his opinion on weaves and butts, which is always good to know.

So what took Kendricks so long to respond? It's not clear, but it's probably worth noting Valentine's day isn't too far away...

(Hat tip to reader @hashtestdummy.)

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