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Eagles News: Should Philadelphia fire Howie Roseman?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/2/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Handing out 10 awards from the Super Bowl - PhillyVoice
Yeah, Edelman had the huge TD catch to give the Patriots the lead with 2:02 to go. BUT... he also took a vicious shot over the middle by knockout master Kam Chancellor, and although his knee hit the ground, he somehow popped back up and was able to run down the field. Edelman is 5'10, 200 pounds of badass.

A GM in the Making - Iggles Blitz
The more I read about Ed Marynowitz, the more I like him. He might be a young guy in terms of age, but he sounds like one of those rare people who has been mature beyond his years for his whole life. Marynowitz was a good high school QB in Coral Springs, FL. That is the top football state in the nation so you better be something special to really stand out. Marynowitz wasn’t special and ended up going to La Salle, a small program even by I-AA football standards.

With Howie Roseman no longer a fit, Eagles must make tough call - CSN Philly
So the narrative that he has no idea about personnel is not an accurate one. The narrative that is accurate is the one that he and Chip Kelly cannot co-exist, and it’s because of the friction and lack of trust and respect between Kelly and Roseman that owner Jeff Lurie revamped the front office a month ago.

McCoy And the Running Back Market - Birds 24/7
Jeremy Maclin called the idea that the Eagles have to choose between him and LeSean McCoy "crazy", and in one respect, he’s right. The Eagles are estimated to have about $20 million in salary cap space heading into the 2015 league year. Some money will get gobbled up — Maclin has to get paid, the 2012 draft class is up for new contracts and they need to allocate some dollars to free agency — but it’s not like they’re strapped. This front office is one of the best at manipulating the cap, and there are ways of freeing up money in other areas (via restructuring, pay cuts etc.) if need be. It doesn’t have to be McCoy. It's more about how this team wants to proceed as it maps out its financial future.

Fan-Demonium: New Role, Same Goal -
Chip Kelly wanted to find someone to be his right-hand man and to help run the Eagles' personnel department. He looked all over the NFL and then finally made a decision. Instead of hiring someone from another team, Kelly chose to promote Ed Marynowitz, who was already on the staff as the assistant director of player personnel. A lot of people have focused on Marynowitz's age. He won't turn 31 for another few weeks. Is he really ready for such a big job? Tom Heckert was 33 when Andy Reid hired him. Scott Pioli had just turned 35 when Bill Belichick hired him. Rich McKay was 34 when Tampa Bay hired him and he began putting together its juggernaut defense. Bobby Beathard was 35 when the Dolphins hired him to be their director of player personnel. They won the next two Super Bowls.

Watch: Remembering Eagles-Pats Super Bowl 10 years later - The 700 Level
It's bound to come up in conversation tonight between Budweiser and Tostitos commercials. Yes, it's been a decade since the Philadelphia Eagles took on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Super Bowl MVP Brady cements his greatness - Inquirer
It seems silly, the Super Bowl measuring sticks we sometimes place on quarterbacks. Tom Brady came very close to losing in his third straight Super Bowl appearance Sunday night and the argument, by some, would have been that he didn't warrant mention as the greatest, especially in light of "Deflategate." The Patriots of Bill Belichick and Brady faced their largest deficit ever in a Super Bowl and the Seahawks, with a 24-14 lead early in the fourth quarter, looked as if they could not be beaten.

Heartbroken Pete Carroll takes blame for Seahawks' final play call: "That's my fault, totally" - SB Nation
A somber Pete Carroll took full responsibility that led to Malcolm Butler's game-clinching interception and the Seahawks' loss in Super Bowl 49.

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