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Redskins' Jay Gruden commits to Robert Griffin as Washington's 2015 starting quarterback

Don't expect RG3 to go anywhere.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden was among those that spoke at the 2015 NFL Combine in Indianapolis on Wednesday. Among the topics he touched included the team's quarterback situation.

According to Gruden, Washington will go into the 2015 season with former first round pick Robert Griffin III as their starter yet again. Gruden is usually honest (to a strange level, even) and this makes sense anyway so he's probably telling the truth. This should also end any rumors of a potential Griffin trade.

Griffin is entering his fourth year in the NFL. Washington gave up a bevy of picks to trade up for Griffin in the 2012 NFL Draft. The trade looked like a great move when Griffin looked phenomenal in his rookie season. Since then, it hasn't looked so hot. Griffin has struggled with injury issues and flat out poor play. Griffin was even benched for journeyman signal caller Colt McCoy last season. Philadelphia Eagles fans won't be upset to see a division rival fail to upgrade their quarterback position.

Speaking of the Eagles, however, Chip Kelly has not offered the same of commitment to Nick Foles that Gruden has for Griffin. At the end of the season, Kelly left things open-ended and said the team had yet to perform their in-season evaluations. Eagles CEO and Chairman Jeffrey Lurie also declined to give Foles a strong backing and merely insisted that the franchise "[has] to try to win big and focus on that position at all times." The Eagles won't be speaking to the media at the Combine this week.

If the Eagles bring back Foles, which seems likely, he, like Griffin, will be playing on the last year of his rookie contract. Both quarterbacks once selected in the 2012 NFL Draft will have a lot to prove in 2015 in order to establish their long-term worth.

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