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Would Jets help Eagles land Marcus Mariota in a 2015 NFL Draft trade?

An interesting hypothetical to consider.

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Another Marcus Mariota column?! Yep, and there's more than 70 days until the 2015 NFL Draft, so don't expect them to end any time soon.

So what's the deal this time? As it turns out, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News wrote an interesting column suggesting that the New York Jets should help the Philadelphia Eagles land Kelly's former college quarterback. Read the whole article here.

The proposed trade by Mehta is as follows:

New York Jets receive: Nick Foles, Philadelphia's first and second round picks in both 2015 and 2016

Philadelphia Eagles receive: New York's first round pick (Marcus Mariota)

Metha sees this as a win-win for both sides. Kelly lands "his" quarterback without having to totally sell the farm. The acquisition of Mariota in this hypothetical makes Foles expendable, so giving him up in order to preserve draft picks makes sense. As for the Jets, they get a potential quarterback solution plus a bevy of picks as opposed to just taking Mariota for themselves.

This proposal differs greatly than the deal that was suggested by SB Nation's Dan Kadar in his most recent mock draft. In that scenario, the Eagles trade up to the No. 2 pick with the Tennessee Titans by offering their entire eight picks in 2015 plus Philadelphia's 2016 first round pick.

There's obviously no guarantee Mariota even falls to No. 6, but it's an interesting hypothetical. Would you approve of the Eagles doing Mehta's proposed deal?

The answer to that question for The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre is a resounding no. He explains why this proposed trade would be very bad for the Jets.

ESPN's "Football Scientist" KC Joyner, on the other hand, would argue that the Eagles should absolutely do the deal. In a recent In$ider column, Joyner argues why Philadelphia should break the bank for Mariota. Joyner highlighted five main reasons why the Eagles should make the trade:

1) Mariota has operated the Kelly system better than any other Oregon quarterback

2) It would go a long way toward solving the Eagles' turnover problem

3) Mariota would upgrade the Eagles' vertical passing game

4) Mariota passes all of the Parcells rules

5) The Eagles can address their cornerback need in later rounds or via free agency

His bottom line:

"There is never a guarantee that a top-flight prospect will develop into a great quarterback, but Mariota's chances of doing so are very high, especially if he joins a team that runs the system he has been operating in for three seasons. A blockbuster trade could be seen as a poor idea for Philadelphia, but if it works out, it could be seen as the type of move that vaults Kelly's Eagles from playoff contender to Super Bowl contender."

Joyner's work has been mocked by Eagles fans before. In 2011, he called Nnamdi Asomugha the most overrated player in the NFL and also pegged the New York Giants as the NFC East favorites. It turned out that Joyner got the last laugh considering how Asomugha struggled and the Giants not only won the division but the Super Bowl. Joyner declared the Dallas Cowboys as Super Bowl favorites at the beginning of the 2015 NFL playoffs, which also drew some mocking, but then the Cowboys were potentially only a weird Dez Bryant non-catch away from advancing to the NFC Championship Game.

But I digress. Let's put it up for a vote: if you were the Eagles, would you do Mehta's proposed deal to land Mariota?

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