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Eagles News: Why Malcolm Jenkins is so valuable

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/15/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Needed: One Safety - Iggles Blitz
Tim Hauck. Damon Moore. Blaine Bishop. Michael Lewis. Quintin Mikell. Those are the men who played opposite of Brian Dawkins from 1999-2008. None of them was great, but they played on some great defenses (2001, 2002, 2004, 2008). As great as it would be to have a dynamic duo like Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor or Wes Hopkins and Andre Waters, you can have a good defense with one good Safety and one solid starter.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Offseason Outlook At CB - Birds 24/7
The Williams situation is tricky. In a perfect world, you find someone younger or better (or both) and move on. But it's not easy to rebuild three-fourths of a secondary in one offseason, so I'll say he sticks around and plays out the final year of his deal. Unless the coaching staff has a sudden change of heart, Boykin will be relegated to the nickel. And if that happens, look for him to play out his contract and then find a team that's willing to at least let him compete for a spot on the outside after 2015.

Fan-Demonium: The Domino Effect -
There was an Eagles fan who asked Dave Spadaro a question years ago about a certain move the Eagles might make. Spadaro responded that he didn't know what would happen because it was a "fluid situation." That was the first time I heard that phrase in reference to football, but it has stuck with me since. It is the perfect phrase for describing how things truly are in the offseason. You have 32 teams making plans. You also have 32 teams making moves. One move by one team can have an effect on many others and change all kinds of plans. That may have happened this week when Tampa Bay cut veteran quarterback Josh McCown. I'm sure plenty of fans thought "big deal" when they saw that news. But it actually could be a big deal.

Mosher's Mailbag: Eagles’ approach to free agency - CSN Philly
Although pickings are slim at safety, as I wrote Friday, veteran Antrell Rolle would be a good short-term fix while Watkins and the team’s other young defensive backs develop. Two others I’d keep an eye on: Troy Polamalu and Chiefs defensive back Ron Parker (6-0, 206). Despite his age and injury history, Polamalu would be an enticing option if he becomes a cap casualty in Pittsburgh.

2015 Eagles calendar, 2013 Lions calendar made by same company - PFT
So who’s reviewing the calendars before they are produced?  It’s not a difficult process; Turner Licensing easily can email the 345 Park Avenue a file with the proofs of the 32 calendars, and the NFL easily can assign someone making far less than $35 million per year the task of reviewing the calendars for any unusual choices or other glaring errors. The NFL also can easily forward to each team the proofs of their own calendars, giving them a chance to speak now or forever shoulder the blame if any issues arise later regarding the contents of the calendar. Moving forward, it’s safe to say the NFL finally will make that simple change to the process.  It’s a change that already should have been in place, and it’s another tangible example of the league’s failure to solve problems before they become problems.

From Dez Bryant to Mike Wallace, WRs bring most intrigue to free agency -
Kelly loves his skill set and his success in both Andy Reid and Kelly’s divergent offenses speaks well for his ability, as does his knack for prospering no matter who’s playing quarterback in Philly. Look for a long-term deal to get done before the market opens, and for Maclin to remain the Eagles’ No. 1 receiving threat for the foreseeable future. He’s coming off a career year (85 receptions, 1,318 yards, 10 touchdowns) after he bet on himself with a one-year, $5.5 million deal in early 2014, after his 2013 ACL injury, and Maclin still will only be 27 years old as he starts his seventh NFL season. If the negotiations get difficult, Maclin could also draw the Eagles’ franchise tag, but that has not been Philadelphia’s style of late. The better bet is the two sides reaching a deal without much drama or fireworks.

Bold moves for NFC East teams - ESPN In$ider
When Chip Kelly arrived in Philadelphia in 2013, his unorthodox offensive system caught the league off guard and turned draft afterthought Nick Foles into a Hall of Fame-caliber quarterback for about three months. Given a full offseason to study Eagles game film, though, the rest of the league caught up, and in 2014 Foles looked like the mediocre passer he has always been. Philadelphia will need better quarterback play to get far in the playoffs. Which brings us to Mariota, who played for Kelly at Oregon. College football has undergone some radical changes in the past four or five seasons, and that has made it more difficult to project how quarterback performance will translate from the amateur ranks to the pros. That said, Mariota shines in all the statistical categories that have indicated NFL success in the past. He started 41 NCAA games. He completed 67 percent of his passes in his career. He averaged 6.6 yards per carry and 54.6 rushing yards per game, so he has good mobility. But, unlike say Tim Tebow, he didn't run so often that it's hard to judge his passing prowess. And any concerns that Mariota might be a product of his system would be irrelevant in Philadelphia, which is running the same system anyway.

An open letter from RG3's future child - SB Nation
Robert Griffin is going to be a father, but maybe he should worry more about the job he's doing raising other people's children who look up to him because of sports.

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