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Jeremy Maclin spotted near Kansas City hanging out with Chiefs quarterback

Watch yourself, KC.

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin was in Columbia on Friday night to be honored as one of the new members of the Mizzou Hall of Fame. Maclin was there along with former teammates and fellow NFL players Chase Coffman of the Tennessee Titans and Chase Daniel of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Speaking of the latter, there were a number of Kansas City reporters in Columbia that spoke with Maclin during media availability. Maclin is scheduled to be a free agent this offseason and the Chiefs has an obvious need at wide receiver: not a single one on their roster scored a touchdown in 2014. Yeah, I'm not making that up. And then there's always the fact that former Eagles coach Andy Reid drafted Maclin when he was still in Philadelphia.

Maclin doesn't seem ready to leave the City of Brotherly Love just yet.

Maclin has repeatedly stated he wants to stay in Philly. Chip Kelly said he wants Maclin to return as well. There's still plenty of time for Maclin and the Eagles to work out a deal before free agency begins on March 10. If negotiations fail, the Eagles could always slap the franchise tag on Maclin as well in order to prevent him from leaving.

But that didn't stop the Chiefs and Chase Daniel from getting a little too cozy (for the preference of Eagles fans, at least) with Maclin.

Despite their relationship as former teammates, I have to imagine that a backup quarterback whose contract is up after the 2015 season anyway isn't the best recruiting tool.

(Hat tip to Arrowhead Pride)

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