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Eagles News: How Marcus Mariota fits with Chip Kelly in the NFL

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/13/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Mike Mayock lists his top five draft prospects at each position - PhillyVoice
Mayock likes Jameis Winston over Marcus Mariota. In watching Mayock for years now, my perception of him (which may be completely off base, by the way) is that he tends to not like players with questionable character, so it's interesting that Winston (very questionable character) is listed ahead of Mariota (pristine character). Perhaps Mayock feels that there's a significant gap in their level of talent.

No-22: How Mariota Would Fit With the Eagles - Birds 24/7
Based on everything I know about Kelly, it'd be a mistake to downplay the idea that he's going to make a push for his former quarterback. Consider his overall drafting philosophy. Based on what we've seen the past two years, Kelly prefers an evidence-based approach that limits the projection as much as possible. For example, when drafting a defensive lineman, Kelly wants to have seen on film that the player has the ability to two-gap. When drafting a safety, he wants to see that the player has covered slot receivers man to man. When drafting an outside linebacker, he wants to make sure the player has experience dropping into coverage. And so on.

More On Hundley - Iggles Blitz
There are times when Hundley makes great throws and really looks the part. He will also throw some poor passes and look awkward at times. His pocket awareness ranges from mediocre to awful. He had poor blocking at UCLA, but didn’t help matters. There were many times when he seemed oblivious to the rushers closing in on him. You love a QB that can stay focused on his receivers and not the rusher, but this went beyond that. Hundley seemed clueless that he was about to be hit a lot of the time. That’s not good. I can see where some teams will have a 1st round grade on Hundley, while others won’t have him on their draft boards at all.

The Philosophy and Evolution of the Eagles Run Game Part 1- Why Shotgun? - ChipWagon
Quite honestly, the Eagles run offense is quite simple on the surface. We basically run 4 plays. Inside zone, outside zone, sweep and power. That's it. However, Chip does a nice job of dressing things up in different ways and also incorporating the read-option that has lead to one of the more productive rushing attacks in the NFL the last two years. I want to kick off this series with a post that addresses one of the more controversial aspects of Chip's run game philosophy. It's something that has bothered some Eagles fans, as well as players over the last 2 seasons.  Why Shotgun?

7 ways for the Eagles to get Marcus Mariota - The 700 Level
Here's my mock NFL draft. It's early, I realize, but I feel good about this: 1. Philadelphia Eagles: Marcus Mariota, quarterback, Oregon. Was that so hard?

No, Jeremy Maclin isn't signed yet — but don't panic - CSN Philly
Free agency is less than one month away, and panic (in the form of emails, Tweets and sports talk) is starting to ensue. Everyone, take a deep breath. Relax. There’s a process involved here and the process is following its typical script.

Exclusive Philadelphia Eagles Valentine’s Day cards -
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This is how hard it will be for your favorite NFL team to win in 2015 - SB Nation
The strength of the 2015 NFL schedule has been calculated for each team. Find out what that means for your favorite squad.

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