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Philadelphia Eagles Ed Marynowitz approval poll: February 2015

Do you approve of the Eagles vice president of player personnel?

Today we continue the 2015 February edition of Philadelphia Eagles approval polls with Ed Marynowitz. Don't forget to vote in the Chip Kelly approval poll from Monday, the Bill Davis approval poll from Tuesday, and the Howie Roseman approval poll from Wednesday if you missed out on those ones.

Marynowitz was promoted to his new position of vice president of player personnel just a few weeks ago. Several candidates emerged in Chip Kelly's month-long search for a new right hand man, but the Eagles coach decided to ultimately promote from within the organization.

Marynowitz hasn't had much of a chance to make an impact yet. One move that's been reported, but not officially confirmed by the team itself, is the hire of Alabama director of football operations Joe Pannunzio. It's unclear what role he'll serve in Philadelphia. This could be just one of more changes to come to the Eagles personnel department.

It won't be long before Marynowitz is tested. The Eagles have 10 free agents that they'll need to make decisions on, with the big names including Jeremy Maclin and Brandon Graham. Several players from the 2012 draft class are up for contract extensions as well. Then the Eagles will have the opportunity to sign (and/or trade) players once the new league year begins on March 10 at 4 p.m. EST.

This month's poll should reflect your level of confidence in the untested Marynowitz. Are you feeling optimistic?

Marynowitz Approval Polls:

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