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Lane Johnson is making fun of his Eagles teammates on Twitter with photoshop

I think he's just trying to tell them he misses them.

via @LaneJohnson65

The NFL offseason isn't just boring for the fans. The players run out of things to do too. Eagles' right tackle Lane Johnson has apparently spent some time messing around with photoshop recently. Check out these tweets he sent out to his teammates on Sunday evening.

Poor G.J.

This Cody Parkey / Beau Allen mashup is pretty creepy.

For some reason Lane combined the two players the Eagles acquired from the Saints last season into one: Darren Sprolenkins. Or Malcolm Jenkroles.

Guilty as charged.

But at least he can laugh at himself with this Kinne-Johnson mash-up. And a comparison to Bruce from Finding Nemo. Now, since there's a shark on the right, does this mean Lane Kinne or G.J. Johnson = LEFT SHARK?

Apparently Zach Ertz gets credit for that one, though.

And so the slow part of the offseason continues.

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