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2015 NFL Power Rankings: Super Bowl is over, everyone is undefeated again

It's never too early for power rankings.

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The 2015 Super Bowl is over. The New England Patriots are champions. But the joke's on them because now every team is technically 0-0 again! So with that in mind, it's time to for some 2015 NFL POWER RANKINGS. Because, you know, it's never too early for that kind of thing. And if you hate this, you're REALLY going to love the mock draft coming out tomorrow morning.

Let's dive right in to the rankings!


1) Philadelphia Eagles - You may think the Eagles are only ranked No. 1 because this is an Eagles blog, but you couldn't be any more wrong. The only concern this team has is deciding which jersey Marcus Mariota will wear since Donnie Jones already has No. 8.

2) New England Patriots - Still only one Super Bowl win since caught cheating.

3) Seattle Seahawks - The Seahawks may have won the Super Bowl in 2014, but the NFL is a "what have you done for me lately" kind of league. And with that in mind, what have the Seahawks really even won recently?

4) Green Bay Packers - The NFL will allow the Packers to automatically qualify for the Super Bowl if Brandon Bostick can catch a pass.

5) Denver Broncos - Peyton Manning kind of looked like he was toast at the end of the season, but he's coming back.

6)  Detroit Lions - The contract that the Lions are going to give Ndamukong Suh will really make sure he'll never have to worry about fines again.

7) Indianapolis Colts - Deflated. (I'm so sorry.)

8) Pittsburgh Steelers - The Steelers defense isn't what it once was.

9) Cincinnati Bengals - You know Cincy is in good hands with (6th alternate) Pro Bowl QB Andy Dalton.

10) Baltimore Ravens - Is Joe Flacco still ELITE?

11) Arizona Cardinals - You just have to love with what the offensive minded Bruce Arians did with that Cardinals defense.

12) Kansas City Chiefs - An Andy Reid team completely devoid of talent at the wide receiver position? No, that's not possible.

13) Buffalo Bills - Doug Marrone is the first person who had to be paid $4 million to leave Buffalo.

14) San Diego Chargers - There's a little known rule that says they can't win a championship until they officially change their name to the SuperChargers.

15) Houston Texans - J.J. Watt bought a log cabin to reward himself for a great season. I'm not even making this up.

16) Dallas Cowboys - Good run in 2014 but Chris Christie could really weigh this team back down to .500 moving forward.

17) New York Giants - Odell Beckham Jr. is good enough to carry the G-men to a .500 finish.

18) Minnesota Vikings - Probably going to need a new running back.

19) Miami Dolphins - At least there's Bill Lazor.

20) Carolina Panthers - Kelvin Benjamin is pretty awesome when he's not running bad routes, dropping passes, getting flagged for pushing off, and being a sub-par blocker.

21) St. Louis Rams - Welcome back to LA!

22) Atlanta Falcons - If only they had pumped a defense in the Georgia Dome instead of illegal crowd noise.

23) New Orleans Saints - The Saints are coming off 7-9 season and have -$23 million in cap space. That's not a typo.

24) Cleveland Browns - Josh Gordon was suspended three more times before you read this.

25) Chicago Bears - Picking up the pieces cast aside by Denver worked with Jay Cutler, so why not give John Fox a try?

26) San Francisco 49ers - Jim Tomsula's interviews don't, uh, necessarily inspire a lot of confidence.

27) New York Jets - The Jets got rid of that Rex Ryan guy and now focusing on defense with a head coach like Todd Bowles.

28) Oakland Raiders - With Jack Del Rio and Bill Musgrave leading the charge, what could really go wrong?

29) Washington Redskins - They finally have a first round draft pick again.

30) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - No real need to take a quarterback high in the draft. Learn from the Texans and take a defensive player with injury risk instead.

31) Jacksonville Jaguars - I'm not sure how London's first NFL franchise is going to work out.

32) Tennessee Titans - ...who?

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