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ESPN analyst angrily rips DeMarco Murray and LeSean McCoy for being selfish (VIDEO)

Holy crap, Herm Edwards is FIRED UP. In Wednesday's edition of NFL LIVE, the former NFL head coach and current ESPN personality absolutely laid into both DeMarco Murray and LeSean McCoy for being divas. Each running back has made headlines this week: Murray complained about his playing time and McCoy had some interesting comments about Chip Kelly. Let's not waste any time. Here's the entire transcript featuring Edwards, Trey Wingo, and Darren Woodson.

EDWARDS: "I was mad for 10 years when I lined up at corner and every other team in the National Football League that didn’t draft me. So I get what they’re saying. You hate to be disrespected by a coach. When a coach thinks ‘Well, you don’t fit my system. Well, you got something to prove.’ Well, go ahead and prove it! You ain’t gotta talk about it! Just go out and go play. Go play football man! All this other nonsense, it’s a shame because that’s all we’re talking about. We’re talking about two teams right now that are trying … one is trying to win the division, the other one is trying to get into the playoffs. And we’re talking about two disgruntled running backs. That are stars.

WOODSON: You’re right. It’s normally wide receivers that are the divas.

WINGO: Wide redivas. Let’s call them wide redivas. It’s normally them.

WOODSON: It is. But I still think when you look at the situation as a whole, this [Eagles] team was ripe with talent. Jeremy Maclin is a great football player.

WINGO: We’re seeing that.

WOODSON: Shady McCoy is a good football player.

WINGO: DeSean Jackson can score a home run … when he’s not running backwards.

WOODSON: You have to ask yourself if you’re a player in that locker room: ‘Why? Why are these guys being shipped out? Why are top notch guys …

EDWARDS: Because they didn’t fit the mold of what the coach wanted to do. You’ve played for coaches that you’ve disagreed with, I’ve played with coaches where I left the university ‘cause I didn’t like the coach! I flat left! Didn’t tell him I was going! Beeped the horn while I was driving by the facility! And I went somewhere else! OK? But I didn’t sit there and bellyache about it!

WINGO: Go to your corners, men. Go to your corners.

WOODSON: But you didn’t have social media the way Shady McCoy has it. You don’t have mics in your face the way Shady McCoy, the way DeSean Jackson, and all … This is a different …

EDWARDS:[holding his iPhone] Hey, you see that button right there? You know what it say? DON’T PRESS SEND!

WOODSON: But this is a different era, even when I played.

WINGO: Yep. It’s changed dramatically.

WOODSON: Players have a voice.

EDWARDS: They can have a voice!

WINGO: It is different now. There are many more platforms for them to express themselves.

WOODSON: Exactly. And they have been absolutely … Do I agree with Shady McCoy? No, coach. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t agree with him voicing his opinion that way. But again, we’re not talking about Darren Woodson. We’re not talking about Herm Edwards. We’re talking about Shady McCoy, DeSean Jackson, those type of players. They are in a different light in today’s game.

EDWARDS: They are. But you know what? You’re still a professional football player. You’re a PROFESSIONAL, man! Don’t lose sight out that.

WOODSON: Oh yeah, I get it.

WINGO: Can we throw this into the mix here? And I know at some point they’re going to be yelling at us, but this is really good stuff. Shady McCoy …

EDWARDS: I’m done. I’m done, man. No. No, no. I’m done with all this man. I’m done.

WINGO: No. No. No.

EDWARDS: You ask me, ‘Coach, you want to go back and coach?’ … No, I don’t want to coach this! CAUSE THIS AIN’T PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL, MAN! It ain’t about you! IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU ANYMORE! AND PLAYERS THINK IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM! It’s not about them! It’s about the game of football, man! I’m done with this mess, man.

WINGO: Let me ask you this, Herm, because I’ve never seen you this passionate and you are a passionate person. Is it possible because of who is coaching the Buffalo Bills, and the way he likes to coach, and the way he likes to talk, that perhaps some of these players, ala Shady McCoy, who has these different platforms, feel empowered to say whatever it is he wants to say?

EDWARDS: I don’t know that so much. I just think that we give players passes. Because what we do for a living, media, we LOVE this. THIS HURTS ME when I have to see players do this. It just hurts me. And I’m a part of the media!

WINGO: What about it hurts you the most?

EDWARDS: It hurts me that they put their own identity, their own identity in front of the team. Cause this is a team game, man. It’s always been that way. And it’s about the guys in your locker room. It’s about the guys not having to stand there and ask the question ‘You hear what Shady said about your coach?’ They ain’t talking about football! They’re talking about nonsense! It ain’t the game of football, Trey.

WINGO: You know, I can’t disagree with you.

EDWARDS: If I didn’t work here, I’d walk off this thing right now. Because I’m tired of talking about this mess, about these players, man. Driving me crazy!


I think it's safe to say Herm Edwards fits Chip Kelly's culture.