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NFL Power Rankings Roundup: Eagles rise back to life after everyone killed them off

Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

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Here is a weekly round-up of how various media outlets have ranked the Philadelphia Eagles in their NFL power rankings. The Eagles are coming off a huge win. Let's start by revisiting my rankings.

Bleeding Green Nation

17) No one thought the Eagles were going to beat the Patriots, but they did. It can't be stressed enough how special of a win this was for Philadelphia. The Patriots were 94-0 at home since 2001 when leading by eight points or more at any point in the game. Now they're 94-1. The Eagles are currently tied for first place in the awful NFC East. (LW: 25)

SB Nation

21) N/A (LW: 25)

Football Outsiders

20) N/A (LW: 24)

Pro Football Focus

16) The tight end with the most yards per route run is Brent Celek, at 3.03. He has 239 yards on from 79 routes.


18) N/A (LW: 21)


14) I can only imagine the emotion from New Hampshire native Chip Kelly and Massachusetts native Jeffrey Lurie walking off the turf of the four-time Super Bowl champions in eastern Massachusetts Sunday evening. It had to be utterly unforgettable.


19) Who needs offense? The Eagles have gotten 17 touchdowns from their defense and special teams the past two seasons, eight more than any other NFL team. (LW: 24)

22) It's not every day that Sam Bradford pumps his fist like Jonathan Moxon after a third-down completion, under duress, to pull off the upset against the Patriots in New England. In fact, it never happens, nor does anything close to it. What a win for the Eagles, with Bradford and the offense merely being an ancillary component to miscellaneous touchdowns from the defense and punt teams. Malcolm Jenkins, Darren Sproles and punt blocks accounting for scores? What did these guys think this was? 2014? (LW: 24)

CBS (Prisco)

23) That win at New England saved their season. At 5-7, they are far from done. (LW: 25)

CBS (Kirwan)

23)  It was a stunning win over the Patriots, for sure, but don't be fooled. The defense has given up 118 points in three weeks, and the offense only scored two of the five touchdowns on Sunday. (LW: 25)


19) With Tom Brady as a starting quarterback, the Patriots are 96-16 at home. That's astonishing. Just remember that one of those 16 losses over the past 15 years was authored by Chip Kelly. (LW: 24)

FOX Sports

17) Two special-teams touchdowns and a 101-yard interception return for a touchdown is not something the Eagles will do every week, but a win at Gillette Stadium is nothing to sneeze at. (LW: 30)


19) The Eagles made a lot of drunk Philadelphia natives rich in Las Vegas on Sunday, somehow beating the Patriots. Bill Davis' defense almost looked like it had a game plan, and with Demarco Murray "benched" in favor of Sproles/Barner, the offense wasn't a total disaster. Multiple special teams plays and great ball protection by Sam Bradford contributed greatly. No time for the coaching staff to enjoy the win with Lesean McCoy and the Bills coming to town, it's time for Chip to spin his great wheel of chaos once again. (LW: 24)


18) If Chip Kelly isn’t going to yell at the players, someone needed to. Even if that someone was the owner. (LW: 26)

USA Today

21) Chip Kelly looks like a much smarter coach when his special teams and defense combine to give him three touchdowns. (LW: 27)

Business Insider

20) Whoa! An unlikely beatdown of the Patriots has the Eagles tied for first place in the horrible NFC East. We've been fooled by the Eagles before; are they really a playoff threat? (LW: 26)


16) Talk about unexpected wins. A week after Chip Kelly is roasted for back-to-back blowout losses in which Philly allowed a combined 90 points, the Eagles stun the Patriots on the road to get back in a wholly uninspiring NFC East title chase. (LW: 22)

Washington Post

17) So as long as the Eagles return an interception, a punt and a blocked punt for TDs in the same game, they can beat anyone in the league? Who knew that was Chip Kelly’s ingenious roster-building technique all along? (LW: 26)

Chicago Tribune

17) They could actually win the NFC East and we'd left them for dead after the Thanksgiving Day massacre in Detroit. (LW: 29)

Houston Chronicle

16) Coach Chip Kelly has his next three games at home. The Eagles’ last four games are against playoff contenders. (LW: 25)



The rankings range from as high as 14 to as low as 23. 17 was the most common ranking. 18.7 is the average ranking. That's 6.5 spots up from last week's average ranking of 25.2.

The Eagles are still very much alive in the NFC East despite everyone killing them off last week. It'll be interesting to see if the Birds can actually build off their win over the Patriots or if they'll collapse again down the stretch. Beating the Bills this week would be a good indication of legitimacy.