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The NFC East is a nightmare but one team's dream will come true and they will win it

I had a dream, and it was not watching these awful teams play football.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

A nightmare season by the NFC East continues...

Matt, it would have had this division locked up weeks ago.

Washington Redskins Redksins (5-7)

Last Week: The Make-A-Wish Foundation made the life long wish of Karl Cousins, who is inflicted with the incurable disease of being the Redskins starting quarterback, a reality when he started a Monday Night Football game.

Sharp readers will note that Cousin's wish said nothing about winning on Monday Night Football, he merely only wanted to play in it. Wish granted! As for the game....

The Cowboys scored with too much time left on the clock, then the Redskins scored with too much time left on the clock, then the Cowboys scored again and rather than being alone in first place, the Redskins are in a three-way tie for it. Next time you're wishing on the stars Kurt, shoot for them as well. Dream big.

And then they voted you
Least likely to succeed
I had to tell them baby, you were armed with
All you'd need
Seems no one's talkin' 'bout those
Crazy days gone past
Weren't they amazed when you were
Really last
(Oooh) You are the little dreamer
(Oooh) You were the little dreamer, yeah, yeah

Next Week: Visit the Bears. The Redskins are 0-5 on the road.

Tweets of the Week:

Philadelphia Eagles (5-7)

Last Week: Only in your wildest dreams would you think that Dream Team 2.0 would win a shootout with Tom Brady. But they did. On the back of Sam Bradford, who threw for only 120 yards and 5 yards per attempt, and DeMarco Murray, who had 8 carries for 24 yards. Oh no wait, it was because the defense scored a touchdown and the special teams scored two touchdowns.

For some Eagles fans, losing out and getting a top pick to draft a QB was the preferred outcome of the rest of the season. And come draft time, they might be right. But let's all stop for a moment and enjoy Patriots fans losing their shit over this game.

Well we don't print, but okay.

You'd think a huge win that could turn around the fortunes of the franchise would get the team on to a path of positivity and great team spirit, but oh no, we can't have that.

This ain't Dallas DeMarco.

In the stillness of remembering what you had
And what you lost, and what you had, and what you lost
Thunder only happens when it's raining
Players only love you when they're playing

This Week: LeSean McCoy and the Buffalo Bills come to town, I wonder if anyone will talk about that.

Tweets of the Week:

New York Giants (5-7)

Last Week: With 9:39 left to play, the New York Giants had a 99% chance to win their game against the New York Jets (game was played in New Jersey). Ninety nine percent.

Then Eli happened. Eli Man Penguin Boy threw an interception, the Jets kicked a FG on the ensuing drive, the Giants then went three and out, the Jets scored a TD on the next drive and the game went to overtime. In OT, the Jets kicked a FG and the Giants did not. Suddenly rather than dreaming of the playoffs in first place with four games to go, the Giants are in third place. You know they were going to lose the moment Odell Beckham Jr. made a catch that had everyone in a frenzy, he only does that in losses. But don't worry Giants fans, you've been here before. The Giants look like crap, they're going finish with a lousy record... they'll win the division and fluke their way to another Super Bowl.

Fly me high through the starry skies
Maybe to an astral plane
Cross the highways of fantasy
Help me to forget today's pain

This Week: Visit the Dolphins on Monday, maybe Miami will make another coaching change by then and what the hell why are we getting all the NFC East teams in prime time in three straight weeks.

Tweet of the Week:

Dallas Cowboys (4-8)

Last Week: The Cowboys can't do anything right this year. Even though they don't know it, their season is over, and it is in their long-term best interest to lose out this year and get a top five draft pick. Instead, they beat the Redskins. They couldn't even do that right. Gifted the ball on the Redskins 15 yard line with 1:26 to go thanks to a DeSean Jackson fumble, the Cowboys played to score, not to win. Darren McFadden ran out of bounds, stopping the clock at 1:19 rather than forcing the Redskins to use a timeout. With the ball at the 6, the Cowboys should have taken a knee on 2nd down, which would have forced the Redskins to use their final timeout had McFadden stayed in bounds. And then they should have kneeled on 3rd down and ran the clock down to under 50 seconds. Instead, they scored a touchdown and gave the Redskins the ball with 1:06 to play and two timeouts. The Redskins tied the game in 17 seconds of game time, which then gave the Cowboys time to march down the field and score a game-winning field goal. Just a colossal failure all around. Well done everyone.

With a worse draft pick in the bag and  the Cowboys in need a backup QB, they're going to have to get creative. Luckily for Cowboys fans, they are aware of this.

They should instead bring in a reclamation project to groom behind Tony Romo. We know just who to get.

No more timing each tear that falls from my eyes
I'm not hiding the remedy to cure this old heart of mine
I can dream about you
If I can't hold you tonight
I can dream about you
You know how to hold me just right

This Week: Visit the Packers, maybe Dez Bryant won't drop the ball this time.

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