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Eagles News: Sam Bradford is trending in the right direction

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/8/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles' Sam Bradford trending upward - Daily News
SAM BRADFORD threw for only 120 yards Sunday. His longest completion gained just 20 yards, which is just not going to get the Eagles anywhere, in the long run. That is one way to look at it, and a lot of observers indeed dismissed Bradford's efforts in the Eagles' 35-28 victory at New England, a triumph fueled by three touchdowns the offense played no role in scoring. But regular visitors to this space will recall that I am the fellow who does not want to give up on Bradford - or at least, I'm the fellow who doesn't see any upside in giving up on Bradford, with games still to play and no alternative beckoning. And I'm here to tell you, both those Bradford touchdown passes were good third-down throws under duress, as was the late-game, third-and-11 conversion to Riley Cooper.

Eagles' Sam Bradford is better than his numbers -
It's not often, if ever, a quarterback can complete 14 passes and outplay a sure-fire first ballot Hall of Famer. That's what Sam Bradford did Sunday in the Eagles' 35-28 win over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Bradford's numbers were a modest 14-for-24 for 120 yards. He did throw two really nice touchdown passes and came up with the throw of his life on a 3rd-and-11 pass to wide receiver Riley Cooper which should have put the game away. After throwing 10 interceptions in his first seven games, which was uncharacteristic for him throughout his career, he hasn't thrown any in his last three.

Why Chip Kelly's philosophy of positive reinforcement is the right one - PhillyVoice
Last Tuesday, despite the fact that his team was coming off three-straight losses to teams that were at the time in last place, Kelly decided to put together a reel of all positives plays made by every player on the team. He didn't threaten them with less playing time or tougher practices, despite the fact that nearly everyone outside the locker room was down on the team. "I think positive reinforcement is a productive way to be successful," Kelly said Monday during his meeting with the media. "I don’t believe in negative reinforcement; I don’t think you get a lot out of that. You coach people up, you don’t coach them down. That’s been a philosophy that I’ve used a lot of times. And I’ve always shown guys positive things after games and on Tuesday when we met."

Kelly: Despite Decreased Snaps, Murray "Fits In" - Birds 24/7
Murray also played just two more snaps than Kenjon Barner (12), although both Barner and Sproles averaged at least 4.3 yards per carry while Murray picked up just three yards per rush. Barner, however, fumbled the ball with 1:02 left in the fourth quarter, giving the Patriots a chance to tie the game. Kelly insisted Murray's decreased workload had nothing to do with his lack of productivity compared to the other running backs. "Everything is a weekly basis, depending on who we're matched up with," Kelly said. "Who's healthy has a lot to do with it. Where does Ryan [Mathews] fit in when Ryan gets back healthy? It's a good problem to have when you have some backs where when you used all three of them, all three of them are productive for you."

The Joy of Winning - Iggles Blitz
I want the Eagles to win a Super Bowl. So do you. And Chip Kelly. And Jeff Lurie. And Barrett Jones, who’s been with the team for less than a week. While that’s the goal, it doesn’t mean we should ignore everything else. Too often people forget that it’s okay to enjoy regular season games. The win over the Pats was great. Whether the Eagles make a playoff run or end up 7-9, I’ll remember the day we beat Tom Brady for a long time. Games like this are what the regular season is all about.

Eagle Eye: Twenty Key Plays From The Win -
Sunday’s huge win over New England obviously had a lot of moving parts. With so many big plays, there’s a lot to hit on in this piece. To me, when you look at this defensive performance, it all starts with the pressure the Eagles were able to get both with the front four and their pressure packages from defensive coordinator Bill Davis.

Eagles' youth infusion obvious in win over Patriots - CSN Philly
What do Jonathan Krause, Ed Reynolds and Kenjon Barner have in common? None of them could get on the field three weeks ago. But now? Now, they’re infusing the Eagles with some much-needed youth. And it showed up in the Eagles’ 35-28 win over the Patriots on Sunday in Foxboro.

Not even the Giants know what happened to their offense - SB Nation
The Giants entered the season with a goal of scoring 30 points per game. They've managed to do that in four of their 12 games. What happened?

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