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DeSean Jackson helps Eagles by fumbling on the dumbest punt return you'll see

DeSean Jackson may be a member of the Washington Redskins now, but apparently he still likes the Philadelphia Eagles. That's the only possibly explanation for one of the dumbest punt returns you'll ever see:

Even if Jackson doesn't fumble on this play, he still would have hurt Washington by unnecessarily running backwards. But he did fumble and it set up the Dallas Cowboys for an easy touchdown to take a 16 to 9 lead over Washington late in the game.

In fairness to Jackson, he did redeem himself. Jackson caught a deep pass from Kirk Cousins to tie the game late:

But then Washington blew it yet again by allowing a long kick return. Dan Bailey drilled a 54-yard kick to help the Cowboys beat Washington by a final score of 19 to 16.

Washington's loss means that the Eagles are now tied for first place in the NFC East. See? Chip Kelly was right for getting rid of Jackson all along.