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The Eagles beat the Patriots and I'm a big dumb idiot

The Eagles proved everyone wrong.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots on Sunday and virtually NO ONE* saw it coming. After losing two straight games where they allowed a combined 90 points, the Eagles rallied on the road and managed to shock the world. Now let's laugh at all the doubters, starting with myself!

It's hard to imagine the Birds standing much of a chance playing on the road against the 10-1 Patriots.


With a road game against the New England Patriots up next on the schedule, the Eagles are staring 4-8 right in the face.


Something tells me Maxwell's might not be saying the same thing after the Patriots-Eagles game this week.

Well, about that ...

The Eagles are a bad football team right now so if/when they lose, it's probably not going to be because of poor officiating. And that's probably exactly why the NFL put these refs on this game. They know bad calls will be less magnified as the Patriots whoop the Eagles.


OK, see? It wasn't just me!

Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots (-9): The spread should probably be larger than this considering the Eagles have been outscored by a combined 59 points in their last two games. The Patriots are going to win this game. The only debatable part is if they will cover, and they probably will. Pick: Patriots -9

The Eagles are probably not going to win this game. That's not even me being negative. It's just the reality of the situation [...] Although this game is a surefire loss [...]

Hahahahahahahaha. Idiot.


*Credit to Spike Eskin and Kyle Scott of Crossing Broad for each separately predicting an Eagles win.

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