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Eagles News: Chip Kelly can learn a key lesson from Bill Belichick

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/4/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Bill Belichick is the blueprint Chip Kelly needs to follow - Daily News
"In talking to Bill, it was more philosophical," the Eagles' coach said Thursday. "It's not - I don't come out of there and say, 'I had a conversation with Bill seven years ago and I know that this blitz's name is "this" and that they run it on third down.' Because you know, when you look at the tape, he changes." Mull that last word for a bit. He changes. With five games left of a season that has gone terribly wrong, Kelly faces a crossroads this offseason. Stick to the guns that made him so coveted - and so rich - almost three years ago and hope that improved performance and personnel decisions return him to the path he was on that first season. Or change, adjusting his philosophy to the talent - or lack of it - he has assembled. The way Belichick has.

The best roster in the NFL may belong to league's IR list - PhillyVoice
Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years, you're aware that the NFL has a concussion problem. But the issue is larger than that: they have an injury problem.  It's part of the reason there's so much parity in the league, because at any moment your team's best player could be done for the season -- or longer -- with an injury. However, it's also the reason there has been so much bad football on display this season.

A Good Sign? - Iggles Blitz
Things have not been fun in Eagleland recently. There was the loss to the Bucs. Then tons of negativity. There was the loss to the Lions. Then even more negativity. Until today. Maybe I’m nuts, but Chip Kelly seemed…happy…at his press conference. Chip joked with reporters. He smiled several times. He was still snarky with some questions, but more in a playful way than bitter or angry. This may not seem like a big deal, but it struck me as funny how different he seemed than any time I’ve seen him in the last several weeks.

So Far, ‘Plays Run’ Has Been A Losing Battle - Birds 24/7
It's a familiar refrain when Kelly gets asked about time of possession or miles logged defensively: it's about plays run. The theory seems to be this: the faster your offense moves, the more plays it can get off. Convert your third downs and sustain drives, and you gain a significant advantage in the number of opportunities to strike. So long as the offense does its job, the defense won't face over-exposure. Problem is, that theory is not working -- particularly at present.

Eagle Eye: The Brady Bunch -
Trying to do a breakdown of the New England offense in 2015 is a tough task, mainly for two reasons. First off, a lot of the players who have made so many great plays for them throughout the season are either questionable for Sunday's game or definitely out. Second, they are such a week-to-week team in regards to how it attacks defenses. One week, the Patriots will come out in heavy sets and run the ball 25-plus times and try to set the tone on the ground, and before you know it they’re spreading teams out in empty sets and throwing it all over the yard. They’ll run any number of pass concepts and running plays, and it’s so opponent-specific that it’s rare to see the same concepts from week to week. They’re very unique in that way.

At Chip Kelly’s Request, Angelo Cataldi Delivers Eagles A ‘Winning’ Pie - CBS Philly
Let’s hearken back for a second. The year was 2013. It was Chip Kelly’s first season as Eagles head coach. The team won seven of their final eight games, everything was hearts and rainbows, and SportsRadio 94WIP’s Morning Show host Angelo Cataldi was delivering pecan pies to Kelly, the city’s beloved coach (the Eagles even put the pies in their cartoon!). On Monday, during their weekly phone call conversation on the 94WIP Morning Show, Kelly requested Cataldi starts delivering the good luck pies again.

Greg Hardy Assures Tony Romo He’s Seen Ex-Girlfriends Come Back From Far Worse Injuries - The Onion
In an effort to comfort the recovering quarterback after a broken collarbone sidelined him for the season, Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy reportedly assured Tony Romo Wednesday that he has seen plenty of ex-girlfriends come back from far more serious injuries. "I know you’re feeling down right now, but listen, I’ve seen exes make full recoveries after being in much worse shape than you, trust me," said Hardy, promising that if his last three girlfriends were all able to get back to normal following months of extensive physical therapy, there was no way a hairline fracture would keep Romo out for long.

Why hasn't Chip Kelly blown up Eagles' roster? -
When a team that was among the preseason Super Bowl favorites and an odds-on choice to win its division is 4-7 with five games to go, you might expect some changes. Not around the Eagles. Despite the disappointing season and three straight losses, two of the blowout variety, it remains pretty much status quo at One NovaCare Way.

Back at practice, Ertz calls 1st concussion 'really scary' - CSN Philly
It was the first time Zach Ertz had ever been through anything like this, and at one point he asked some teammates who’ve been through the NFL concussion protocol if he’d ever feel totally normal again. "I asked those guys, ‘Are you able to recover from this?’" Ertz said. "’Is this a permanent thing?’" Ertz is the latest of several Eagles this year to deal with a concussion and its potentially terrifying effects.

Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary touchdown gives Packers last-second win over the Lions - SB Nation
The Lions had it in the bag against the Packers, right up until they didn't.

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