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Philadelphia Eagles fans are split on team's decision to fire Chip Kelly

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Shortly after the Philadelphia Eagles released Chip Kelly on Tuesday evening, Bleeding Green Nation ran a poll here asking fans if the team made the right decision. Now that over 12,300 people have weighed in, here's a look at the outcome.

As you can see, the majority of fans think getting rid of Kelly was the right move, but it's close. The immediate poll results were even closer to a 50-50 split before the numbers eventually started to shift.

It's easy to understand why some are upset that Kelly is gone. The Eagles coach went 26-21 in his first three seasons. There are way worse records than that. For example, Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley is 12-35 and Jacksonville is already openly committing to him for the next season.

But determining Kelly's future wasn't as simple about his record. As Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie, it was about determining where the team projected to be with Kelly at the helm in the future. There were major concerns. Kelly, along with Ed Marynowitz, did little to inspire faith due to poor personnel moves (DeMarco Murray contract, Byron Maxwell contract, trading for Kiko Alonso, etc.) Perhaps even more alarming, there were signs Kelly lost the support of his players. You simply can't keep a coach around the players stop believing in him.

Kelly isn't the worst coach ever. In fact, he might be able to be successful in the NFL again if he can learn from some of his mistakes. But even if that happens, it doesn't necessarily mean the Eagles should have kept him.

Ultimately, we all knew this ending was possible for Kelly once he received all the power last January. The Eagles were going to live or die by him. If the team succeeded, he would get all the credit. If the team failed, he'd be the only one to blame. The latter of these two situations occurred, and now he's gone.

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