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Eagles News: Philadelphia should hire an offensive minded coach

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/31/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

The Eagles' next head coach would ideally be a 'quarterback guru' - PhillyVoice
Since 1991, the Eagles have only had four seasons in which their quarterback started all 16 games. Only one team -- once again, the Browns -- had fewer during that span, and their franchise didn't even exist until 1999. In other words, the only team with a more unstable quarterback position in the NFL than the Eagles has been the lowly, doormat Cleveland Browns.  The Eagles aren't winning jack until that changes. In 1999, they hired Andy Reid and drafted McNabb, beginning a decade-plus long stretch of the most stability the Eagles have had at quarterback in team history. That era was also arguably the longest amount of sustained on-the-field success in franchise history despite falling short of the ultimate goal, a Super Bowl win. The Eagles have a chance to marry up a new head coach with a rookie quarterback again this offseason. One head coach who has shown he can get the most out of the quarterbacks he has coached is Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase.

Perspective on Chip, Eagles - Iggles Blitz
When a big event happens, a lot of bad information tends to be spread around. Let’s clear up a few things. Chip Kelly is a good coach. Chip Kelly is a good guy. Jeff Lurie made a change because things were heading in the wrong direction, but let’s not act like the Eagles were some epic disaster. The Eagles terrible season has them sitting at 6-9. The Tennessee Titans have won 5 games in the last 2 years combined. The Jaguars are 5-10 and this is a breakout season for them. The Ravens were a Super Bowl pick by a few analysts and they’re currently 5-10. The Eagles had a down year, but this was hardly a team that should be compared to the awful 1998 Eagles, a team that was historically bad.

Jeffrey Lurie wasn't wowed by Chip Kelly after all - Daily News
TURNS OUT, Jeffrey Lurie was not as thrilled to hand full personnel power over to Chip Kelly as Lurie said he was a year ago. Maybe this was a revisionist portrayal Wednesday on the part of the owner. He doesn't want to come off as fickle or easily fooled, as he tries to get fans believing in his ability to shepherd another coaching search, in the wake of his abrupt firing of Kelly on Tuesday evening. But as Lurie took the NovaCare auditorium stage and tried to explain his decision to end the three-year Kelly era, along with all the Kelly innovation and fresh thinking Lurie had championed, he seemed to say he acceded to Kelly's demands only so that if everything went south, the coach couldn't complain he wasn't given what he said he needed to succeed.

Chip Kelly the GM got Chip Kelly the coach fired - SB Nation
Chip Kelly is still one of the NFL's top offensive minds and perhaps the best coach ever fired after three seasons. But his tenure as Eagles general manager was so bad and so caustic that it's hard to fault them for giving Kelly the axe.

With Kelly Gone, Bradford’s Future A Bit Cloudier - Birds 24/7
Sam Bradford said that owner Jeffrey Lurie did not ask for his feedback prior to making a coaching move, and was caught off guard when the news came down Tuesday night that Chip Kelly had been relieved of his duties. "I would just say the surprise factor," Bradford responded when asked what made this different than previous experiences. "I thought we had a really good practice yesterday, [Kelly] broke us down after practice, everything was normal. For it to happen last night, it just kind of surprised everyone." Bradford said that he will be "forever grateful" that Kelly took a chance on him coming off two major injuries, and said that he had a "great relationship" with his ex-head coach.

Darren Sproles would like it if the Eagles got Sean Payton from New Orleans Saints -
The Eagles need a new head coach after firing Chip Kelly this past Tuesday.  One possibility is New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, who some have speculated could be on his way out following a losing season.  Speaking Wednesday at his locker, Eagles running back Darren Sproles said he would welcome Payton if he were to somehow end up with the Eagles. "Of course," Sproles said.

Lane Johnson: Internal power struggle hurt Eagles - CSN Philly
Lane Johnson is probably the most consistently open and honest player in the Eagles' locker room, and on Wednesday he told it like it was regarding what went wrong with Chip Kelly. Johnson touched on a variety of topics, including the Eagles' tempo, practice schedule, Kelly's personality and the much-discussed power struggle between Kelly and Howie Roseman, who is now back in power. Johnson also compared Kelly's stint with the Eagles to Nick Saban's failed tenure with the Dolphins.

A Day Of Explanation And Reflection -
Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie acted swiftly and decisively, after some long thinking and consideration of the "trajectory" of the Philadelphia Eagles, when he made the move to release head coach Chip Kelly on Tuesday evening and immediately begin the search to build for the future ...

Chip Kelly Was Outsmarted by His Greatest Enemy: Chip Kelly - B/R
At the end, the Chip Kelly era got weird. Granted, the Kelly era was always weird: surprising, sometimes exhilarating, often shocking, always fascinating as a grand football experiment. But in the end it got Moby Dick weird, burn-the-documents weird, mad-general-ordering-a-bayonet-charge-at-the-cannons weird.

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