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Chip Kelly Rumors: Titans among three teams interested in former Eagles coach

Not a total surprise.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Chip Kelly is free to join any team now that the Philadelphia Eagles released him. Kelly still reportedly wants to coach in the NFL, and not college. So where will he end up? Jason Cole of Bleacher Report reports that three NFL teams are already interested in hiring Kelly.

"According to multiple NFL sources who talked about Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles as long as three weeks ago, Chip Kelly was not afraid to make a move that ultimately forced his way out of Philadelphia and that happened on Tuesday as the Eagles decided to part company with Kelly after only three years on the job and with two years left on his contract.

The reason is that Kelly wants to find a situation where can get a quarterback. And that ultimately means his number one destination, according to sources I’ve talked to, is the Tennessee Titans where he would be reunited with quarterback Marcus Mariota who he had at the University of Oregon.

However, there are other places that would be of interest to Kelly and he believes they will be interested in him. That includes the Cleveland Browns, who tried to hire Kelly three years ago, and the Miami Dolphins, who are looking for a splashy hire in the aftermath of the meltdown of Joe Philbin and Dan Campbell this year.

All in all, Kelly believes he has opportunities in other places and wasn’t afraid to get out of Philadelphia."

The Titans make the most sense. It wouldn't be surprising to see Kelly teamed up with his former quarterback in Tennessee. Kelly reportedly once said Mariota will "win multiple Super Bowls" during his career. Kelly also compared Mariota to Peyton Manning on national television.

The Browns might also make sense since, as Cole notes, Kelly was interviewed by them in 2013. The Dolphins connection doesn't seem as logical since they recently fired Kelly's former quarterback coach, Bill Lazor.

It'll definitely be interesting to see where Kelly lands. If it ends up being in the AFC, the Eagles won't have to face him too often.

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