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Here's what we learned from Jeffrey Lurie's press conference about Chip Kelly being fired

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie met with the media on Wednesday afternoon for the first time since his decision to "release" head coach Chip Kelly. Here's what we learned from the press conference.

Lurie is really disappointed

Chip Kelly received a classy goodbye message

Lurie thought the Eagles were mediocre and not headed in the right direction

Kelly wasn't offered the opportunity to stay

There are three reasons why the Eagles fired Kelly before the season ended

Kelly may have been lacking as a leader

Lurie doesn't think Kelly lost the locker room

The Eagles have a new power structure

DeMarco Murray's conversation didn't get Kelly fired

New coaching search has already begun

Kelly was held accountable for seeking complete control and failing to use it properly

What the Eagles want in a new head coach

An internal hire is possible

All coaching options are being considered