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Jeffrey Lurie says Eagles won't hire general manager, confirms Howie Roseman and Tom Donahoe are in charge

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of takeaways from Jeffrey Lurie's Wednesday press conference on, but one of the most important pieces of information was revealed after he walked away from the podium. Lurie told reporters that the Eagles will be NOT be hiring a new general manager. Instead, the Eagles will be relying on the combination of three people to run their player personnel department: 1) executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman, 2) newly promoted senior director of player personnel Tom Donahoe, and 3) the yet-to-be-hired head coach.

This new power structure differs from the Eagles' previous setup, where Chip Kelly was both the head coach and de facto general manager. Kelly also hired vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz to assist in overseeing the personnel department. Kelly and Marynowitz were both fired on Tuesday evening.

Roseman's return to power was first reported shortly after Kelly was fired. It remains to be seen is this new setup can be successful for the Eagles. There are a lot of question marks with this group. For the team's sake, they better hope it works. I have my doubts (more on that later).

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