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Some Eagles players were ready to see Chip Kelly fired, per report

Just more evidence Chip Kelly lost the locker room.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest reasons why the Philadelphia Eagles fired Chip Kelly is because he reportedly lost the support of his players. DeMarco Murray reportedly went as far to tell Jeffrey Lurie that he had no faith in Kelly as a head coach. Murray was likely not alone. According to a report from Derrick Gunn of CSN Philly, multiple Eagles players were ready to see Kelly fired. Bold emphasis is mine:

"I’ve been texting back and forth with players and other people. Some players said ‘I’m shocked. I didn’t see this coming.’ Several players — current players — have said ‘About time.’ That’s all you need to know. ‘About time.’

[Chip] lost them. And I hate to use the term ‘the coaches lost the players’ because at this level, when you’re paid a lot of money to play the game, it can’t be about a coach motivating you. It’s going to be about you motivating yourself to play this game that most men dream about playing and will never get a chance to play. And when you’ve come from where you’ve come from in a lot of cases, you know, poverty, and didn’t have a lot of things, and made it to the pinnacle of your profession, it’s gotta be about nothing else than the love of the game and trying to sustain that. Because as know, the average life span in this league is three and a half years. So you won’t get this chance again.

So when I see several players saying ‘about time,’ that’s all I needed to know to confirm what I knew for a long time.

Kelly didn't just lose the support of his players. He also became unpopular with other members of the organization. Jimmy Kempski reports the franchise started to grow tired of Kelly during the season.

Once again, assuming these reports are true, it's hard to blame the Eagles for removing Kelly. You can't keep a coach if the players aren't going to play for him.