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Eagles can no longer be forced to be on HBO's Hard Knocks in 2016

So much for that!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few days ago, I wrote about how Chip Kelly's Eagles could be forced to be on HBO's Hard Knocks in training camp this year. Well, so much for that. Kelly is now gone, which means the Eagles can't be forced to do the show. Here's a reminder of the teams eligible for exemption:

1) They made the playoffs in one of the previous two seasons.

2) They have a new head coach.

3) They already appeared on the show in the last 10 years.

With Kelly gone, the following teams remain eligible to be on Hard Knocks: 49ers, Bears, Bills, Browns, Buccaneers, Chargers, Giants, Jaguars, Raiders, Rams, Saints, and Titans. Some of those teams will also be firing their head coach, so expect that list to shrink soon.

The news that the Eagles won't be on Hard Knocks comes as a disappointment to some Eagles fans. 70% of 5,600 voters said they wanted to see the Birds featured on the show.