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Howie Roseman reportedly had a big role in Chip Kelly and Ed Marynowitz getting fired by Eagles

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It was believed Howie Roseman lost a lot of his power in the Eagles organization when he got beat out by Chip Kelly in a power struggle earlier this year. But even though Kelly got control over the team's personnel department, it's now Roseman who is getting the last laugh. According to a report from Mark Eckel of, Roseman is a big reason why Kelly and former vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz are now gone.

There was also a war going on in the NovaCare Complex between Roseman and Marynowitz, according to several sources inside and outside the building.

"Howie has been poisoning Ed,'' one person with knowledge of the infighting said. "And he has his people doing the same.''

According to several league sources, the firings have Roseman's fingerprints all over it.

"I can't believe it,'' a long-time executive for an Eagles rival said when told of Kelly's firing. "They did what? Are you serious? No, you're kidding right? You can't be serious.''

When he finally realized it wasn't a joke, he put the onus on the former and probably future general manager.

"Howie got him,'' the executive said. "He won. It took him some time, but he got to the owner, and he won. That's just amazing. What is Lurie thinking? That place is just out of control.''

Roseman has outlasted a number of key figures in Philadelphia now. Kelly and Marynowitz are just the latest. Tom Gamble was ousted last year. Before that, it was Joe Banner and Andy Reid. Other key executives who saw the door while Roseman remained include: Tom Heckert, Jason Licht, Ryan Grigson, and Louis Riddick.

Earlier this year, one former Eagles executive said that Lurie views Roseman as a "messiah" and that he can "do no wrong." That description might not be so far off base. Roseman is reportedly expected to return to running Philadelphia's personnel department now that Kelly and Marynowitz are gone.

It's fair to wonder if that's for the best, though, considering all the turmoil the Eagles have had while Roseman has been around.

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