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Eagles News: Jeffrey Lurie to blame for Chip Kelly's mess

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/30/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles fire Chip Kelly: What happens next? - BGN
Posted late last night.

Lurie brought this mess upon himself - Inquirer
Lurie panicked and gave Kelly all that control, but he did something else that contributed to what happened Tuesday: He hedged his bet. Instead of cutting Roseman loose, he kept him around, running the business side of the franchise, handling the player contracts, and if Roseman happened to disagree with a move that Kelly made - and Lord knows, there were plenty to disagree with - he could still sidle up to Lurie and whisper in the owner's ear. That front-office alignment was a powder keg waiting to blow, and Tuesday it did. Chip Kelly lit the fuse during this lost season for the Eagles. But now he's gone, and the rubble remains at the feet of the man who handed him the match.

Why the Chip Kelly experiment didn't work - ESPN
Kelly believed in shrinking the playbook on offense. The thinking was that if the players focused on perfecting foundational plays through a high number of reps at practice, they would be able to execute at a high level, regardless of the situation. Yet the Eagles too often seemed incapable of completing the simplest of tasks. They became more predictable, and defensive coordinators adjusted. Despite the innovative practice philosophy, Kelly coached a team that turned the ball over 65 times since the start of the 2014 season, more than any other team in the league.

Jeffrey Lurie was right to 'release' Chip Kelly - PhillyVoice
A big part of the reason for Kelly's decision to jettison those star players was to create a culture of men who would buy into Kelly's ideals. Adding "culture fits" was less of an innovation, or more of a necessity, as many former players harshly criticized Kelly's fast-paced practices, fewer days of rest, and sports science (cough, big brothering) initiatives, such as sleep monitoring and urine analysis.  During his first six years as a head coach at Oregon and Philadelphia, Kelly racked up a 66-19 regular season record. His culture appeared to stay intact when the team was winning, but it seemed to unravel during the immensely disappointing 2015 season. Meanwhile, Kelly's more popular ideas are now the norm around the league, as other franchises quickly caught up to Kelly, who was unable to stay ahead of the game.

Coaching Targets - Early Edition - Iggles Blitz
So who will be the new coach? There are 3 assistants I have my eye on. Adam Gase – Off Coordinator – Broncos Hue Jackson – Off Coordinator – Bengals Josh McDaniels – Off Coordinator – Patriots I have some interest in Sean McDermott, who is the DC in Carolina. There is one current head coach I like – Sean Payton of the Saints.

Get to know director of player personnel Tom Donahoe - CSN Philly
With Marynowitz gone, longtime NFL personnel man Tom Donahoe, who had been a senior football advisor for the Eagles since 2012, has been named the senior director of player personnel. Since he’s been given an expanded role with the team, here are five things to know about Donahoe: 1. He was the general manager for the Bills from 2001 to 2005. During those years, the Bills went 31-49. In Buffalo, Donahoe hired Gregg Williams as the head coach; Williams went 17-31 in three years. He then hired Mike Mularkey, who went 14-18 in his two seasons.

Chip Kelly's hubris might be main reason Eagles cut ties | Sports On Earth
While most head coaches don't get fired with a 26-21 record and a pair of 10-win seasons, most coaches don't have the hubris of Chip Kelly. And that is probably the main reason that the Philadelphia Eagles fired Kelly on Tuesday, a week ahead of "Black Monday."

How Chip Kelly the Eagles GM got Chip Kelly the Eagles coach fired - Yahoo Sports
And with that, a familiar story repeats itself. A coach with the ego of a Bill Parcells was given the power to manage his own roster and showed the personnel acumen of a Josh McDaniels. That was the final powerful brushstroke we'll remember of the Chip Kelly era in Philadelphia – that his judgment couldn't sustain the weight of his arrogance. And in the process of trying to do so, it put the target right where it needed to be all along.

Understanding the Chip Kelly Move - Birds 24/7
With Kelly and Ed Marynowitz relieved of their duties, former Bills GM Tom Donahoe assumes the role of Senior Director of Player Personnel. Donahoe has been a senior advisor for the Eagles since 2012 but apparently was not fully embraced by Kelly as Lurie hoped he would be. Now he moves into a more prominent position. The same can be said for Howie Roseman. Jeff McLane reports that Roseman will return to heading the personnel department, and the intel we've been getting similarly suggests that he'll be back in the "catbird seat."

Eagle Eye: A Favorite Bradford Moment -
Last week, I called Bradford’s game against the Cardinals one of his best performances of the season in a losing effort. I thought that he had another good outing against Washington, although there were a number of plays left on the field on Saturday night, for a number of different reasons.

Jay Gruden has Washington thinking differently - SB Nation
Change was inescapable. Jay Gruden knew that would have to be true for a Washington team that was 3-13 before he touched it and 4-12 last year after his first contact. His prime change as head coach this season -- moving from quarterback Robert Griffin III to Kirk Cousins as starter -- sent punctuating jolts throughout his locker room and the NFL. But it was the local sting Gruden felt most. "It's been a unique situation here," Gruden said from his office via telephone on Tuesday morning. "From the pulse of the people here in this city, I could feel the divide over the quarterback thing. But for the most part the fans have stayed passionate and loyal. We are 6-2 at home. A part of that is because they have come out in droves and given us a homefield advantage. I appreciate that." Now they "Hail" Gruden.

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