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Chip Kelly doesn't want to be in charge of personnel again, per report

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Jim Rogash/Getty Images

If reports are to be believed, Chip Kelly doesn't want to go back to college. He wants to stay in the NFL. And he also wants his next head coaching job to be different than how things worked out in Philadelphia. More specifically, the former Eagles coach doesn't want to be in charge of player personnel again. At least that's what Jay Glazer is reporting:

If true, it seems like Kelly has learned from the errors he made this offseason. He's admitting he was in over his head. That's probably good news for Kelly and the next team he ends up with. We've seen this before. Former Eagles coach Andy Reid has said he's enjoyed getting back to only coaching in Kansas City.

But Kelly's revelation certainly doesn't help the Eagles, who now have to deal with the damage of his mistakes. It's up to Philadelphia's new personnel department (which may or may not be headed by former general manager Howie Roseman) to fix the mess Kelly left behind.