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Imagine a world where Tom Brady is the Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback

One can dream.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

A theme post the SB Nation NFL sites have been done in the past and will continue to do throughout this season is "Which [opposing team's] player would [your favorite team's] fans take?" With the Philadelphia Eagles set to take on the New England Patriots this week, it's time to address the question.


Tom Brady.

A four-time Super Bowl champion. A three-time Super Bowl MVP. Arguably the best quarterback in NFL history. Can you imagine if the Philadelphia Eagles had that guy? The Eagles would have won multiple championships by now. Andy Reid would still be here. The Eagles wouldn't be in the mess they are right now where they've struggled to find a lasting franchise quarterback and have no clear path to getting a new one. They would be golden.

You don't need my personal testimony to realize how great Brady is, but allow me to offer it anyway. He's the best football player I've ever watched in person. It may sound pretentious, but I never realized how truly good he is until I watched him live during the Eagles-Patriots joint-training camp sessions in 2013. It was amazing how he thoroughly dominated defenses on every single snap. He humiliated them. He didn't make a single mistake. He put the ball perfectly right where it needed to be, every single time. He threw with astounding anticipation and pin-point accuracy. He made it look like Nick Foles and Michael Vick weren't even playing the same sport. It was incredible.

Now that I'm done fawning over Brady, let's assume the Eagles couldn't pick him. Other offensive targets would include Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman, who are both currently injured. Given the Eagles' awful talent at wide receiver, why not bring Danny Amendola back?


What about the options on defense? The Eagles reportedly tried to sign safety/cornerback Devin McCourty. After allowing 45 points in two straight games, it's not like Philadelphia's secondary couldn't use a boost.

The pass rush could also stand to improve. That's why a guy like Chandler Jones is intriguing. He has 11 sacks (second most in the NFL), six quarterback hits, and 36 hurries this season.

Linebackers Jamie Collins and Dont'a Hightower are also worth considering.

And then there's even Patrick Chung! ... but no, not really. He's been fine for New England, but Philadelphia has seen enough of him in the Eagles' defense.

Special Teams

I almost forgot to include Stephen Gostkowski. Shame on me. He's easily one of the best kickers in the league today. The Eagles definitely need an upgrade after Caleb Sturgis has continued to struggle.