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Eagles News: Brandon Graham has a reason for blocking people on Twitter

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/3/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Brandon Graham explains why he blocks everyone on Twitter -
Graham also pointed out that athletes can be in a no-win situation when it comes to responding or dealing with fans on Twitter.  "If I fire something back, then they re-tweet me, and they want their friends to see, so it's like why not just block everything so they can just kill that noise right there," Graham said.  How can fans avoid being blocked? "Just don't come with the negativity. That's not going to help anybody. It's not going to help this team," Graham said. "So keep the comments to yourself or just don't (tweet) me. Do what you got to do."

Five Eagles players who shouldn't be back in 2016: Offense edition - PhillyVoice
Peters turns 34 in January and is currently the third-oldest offensive lineman in the NFL. While Peters has had a tremendous career and is a borderline Hall of Fame talent (he isn't getting in), his career is clearly in decline and he has experienced multiple injuries of the "nagging" variety this season. In 2016, he'll count for $9,300,000, of which the Eagles can save $6,300,000 by releasing or trading him. If the Eagles are realistic about their Super Bowl aspirations next season (they shouldn't have any), they could try to find a trade partner that is a legitimate contender in need of a tackle. They wouldn't get a ton for him, but with a large number of holes to fill, every lottery ticket counts.

Kelly, Eagles still seeking that elusive franchise QB - Inquirer
Kelly has opened his three seasons with a different starting quarterback, and each time - presuming they don't win a Super Bowl this year - the Eagles have fallen short. But does that mean he isn't capable of selecting the next quarterback - whether it is extending Bradford or finding one via the draft, free agency, or trade? The choices made at quarterback during that span can't all be placed on Kelly's shoulders. Then-general manager Howie Roseman had final say in the 2013-14 offseasons. But decisions on free agents weren't made unless both agreed on the player, according to sources familiar with their working relationship.

Up Against It - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles defense just had a pair of historically bad games. Now they get to face Tom Brady and the Patriots, not exactly a recipe for success. Can this group get things turned around? Chip Kelly has faith in Bill Davis and his players. I’m an eternal optimist, but this is one heck of a challenge. The good news is that the Pats are coming off their 2 worst games of the year. They scored 20 points against Buffalo and then put up 24 points on Sunday night (pretty nice when 20 and 24 points are your bad games). The bad news is that the Patriots lost, and that will have Bill Belichick and Tom Brady laser-focused and motivated like they’ve never won a game before.

Chip Kelly Talks Malcolm Jenkins And Accountability - Birds 24/7
After practice Tuesday, Malcolm Jenkins clarified comments he had made on WIP 94.1 about the way the Eagles hold each other accountable for mistakes. "From a coaching style, I was brought up a little bit different where most mistakes that teammates or players make were brought up more in a team setting," Jenkins said Tuesday. On Wednesday, Chip Kelly was asked about his response to Jenkins' comments, and why he chooses not to address glaring mistakes in front of the entire team for the sake of time. "Why don't I do that? Because my right guard doesn't really care what my free safety does," Kelly said. "So it's not really efficient for Matt Tobin to listen to the instruction that's going on for the free safeties. I think, when you want to get detailed in terms of making corrections, it needs to be done in the position meetings, because those guys are paying attention to what goes on at their positions.

Eagle Eye: The Need To Win Up Front -
On Tuesday, I took a long look at the performance of the Eagles' defense against the Detroit Lions, most notably what I saw from rookie cornerback Eric Rowe in his most extensive action of the season. Today, let’s look at the offense, a unit that struggled to move the ball against a versatile, athletic defensive front seven throughout the game on Thursday afternoon. As has been the case for much of the season, the offensive line did not play well enough to win against Detroit, and it started in the run game.

Staying or going? No. Chip Kelly discusses perception vs. reality - CSN Philly
After saying Monday he didn't need to address the team about rumors of his potential departure, and then addressing that very topic to his Eagles players on Tuesday, Chip Kelly said Wednesday that the team meeting wasn't about reassuring his guys that he's here to stay. The point of the meeting, Kelly said, was to illustrate the difference between perception and reality. And the perception that Kelly will leave the Eagles for another college or pro job is not reality, so it made for a perfect example, the coach said. Asked Wednesday why it was important for him to tell the team he's staying put, Kelly said: "I didn't (tell them that). I was actually having a talk with them about the difference between perception and reality and I used that as one example of the difference between perception and reality. But I didn't have a team meeting to say, 'Let me tell you what's going on with me.' That was just an example.

No NFL player has ever committed a penalty in the history of the game. Seriously. - SB Nation
There's a difference between a "foul" and a "penalty," and no one seems to use them right.

What to expect when expecting baby eagles -
So you're expecting a baby eagle. Or eagles, as the case may be at a York County nest. What happens next? The Heidelberg Township eagle pair incubated their two eggs for about 35 days, protecting the unhatched eaglets from record-breaking cold, a March snowstorm and at least one human intrusion.

Eagles and NRG are working together to give away tickets, prize packs, and more
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