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Howie Roseman expected to return to running Eagles' personnel department, per report

Will Howie Roseman return as general manager?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Eagles released head coach/de facto general manager Chip Kelly and vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz, the team will be searching for replacements. One of those replacements may be an in-house option, according to Jeff McLane.

Roseman was moved out of the team's personnel department early in January when Jeffrey Lurie decided to give Kelly all the power. The Eagles "promoted" Roseman to the title of executive vice president of football operations. It was clear Roseman lost out to Kelly in a power struggle.

But now that Kelly is gone, Roseman will be one of the three people in charge of searching for a new head coach. The other two primary decision makers include Eagles CEO and Chairman Jeffrey Lurie along with team president Don Smolenski.

Putting Roseman back in power of personnel would be a bit of an odd move. The team obviously didn't think he was good enough to hold on to the position last year, but now he's the one to fix everything? It doesn't seem like a great sell.

No official announcement about Roseman's status has been made, so stay tuned for more details.

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