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The NFC East is almost finally over

One more week of this crap.

With the Redskins winning the division, all that's left is to take a knee and run out the clock on this dreadful season.

Washington Redskins (8-7)

Last Week: The Redskins are the king of the mountain landfill of the NFC East, defeating the Eagles 38-24 to "win" the division. Kyle Cousins threw for four touchdowns and 365 yards against a depleted Eagles defense, and had himself a career highlight when he inexplicably took a knee at the Eagles 6 yard line in a 16-10 game to end the first half. You can see the exact moment that Cousins realizes he screwed up as he tries to spike the ball after he's already kneeled:

This is the franchise QB of your 2015 NFC East winners. Hail to the Redskins.

Next Week: Visit the Cowboys for the chance to finish 9-7, which would be just the fifth winning season in the 17 years of the Dan Snyder era.

Tweet of the Week: At least we'll always have the memes.

Philadelphia Eagles (6-9) (nice)

Last Week: With a chance to give themselves a chance to salvage their disastrous 2015 season, the Eagles came up short of the sticks, as they have all season. They let Kevin Cousins shred them all game long, DeMarco Murray both scored and gave up a touchdown, Sam Bradford threw for 380 yards and just one touchdown, and Chip Kelly fell to 1-3 vs Jay Gruden, which is grounds for firing with cause. Kelly had his backdrop falling on Jim Mora moment when after the lights figuratively went out on his season, they literally went out on his press conference.

Ah, the synchronicity of life. No confirmation that Howie Roseman turned the lights off.

This Week: Visit the Giants in a game that, aside from the loser getting sent to London against their will, is completely meaningless. Expect an Eagles win and everyone to bicker about it.

Tweets of the Week: At least Chip Kelly doesn't have a GM to answer to.

New York Giants (6-9) (nice)

Last Week: Without their only good player on offense, the Giants looked completely inept as Eli Manning threw three interceptions, one which was returned for a touchdown and another nearly was. At least they didn't blow another lead! The loss clinched the third straight losing season for the Giants, perhaps they can bring back even more former players and coaches from their miraculous 2007 and 2011 Super Bowl runs and finish 8-8 next year. Mario Manningham and Michael Boley are still available.

This Week: Host the Eagles to decide who plays the Rams in London next year. Tom Coughlin having to adjust his already incorrect clocks to Greenwich Mean Time might be enough to make him quit.

Tweet of the Week: Whoops.

Dallas Cowboys (4-11)

Last Week: Kellen Moore, the Cowboys fourth starting QB this season, threw for 186 yards in a 16-6 loss to the Bills, which is actually the eighth best game by a Cowboys QB this season. Moore's passer rating for the season is only 6 points higher than Darren McFadden's. Meanwhile Brandon Weeden will start for the Texans in the playoffs.

This Week: Can keep Jason Garrett's non-interim head coach winning percentage at .500 by losing to the Redskins and finishing 4-12 to balance out last year's 12-4 season by losing to the Redskins. Which they will. Don't miss what is probably Cowboys legend Greg Hardy's final game in a Dallas uniform.

Tweets of the Week: *clap emoji*