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Kirk Cousins committed the dumbest play in NFL history against the Eagles


Great job, Kirk!
Great job, Kirk!
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Leave it to NFL football to always show you something you never thought you'd see. With six seconds remaining in the first half of the Philadelphia Eagles' crucial game against Washington, quarterback Kirk Cousins had his offense at the Eagles seven yard line. All he needed to do was spike the ball to stop the clock, and Washington could kick a field goal.

That isn't what happened.

That's right - instead of spiking the ball to stop the clock, Cousins took a knee and ended the half. No next play. No points. The beauty is that, at the very end of the video, it looks like Cousins realized what he did and tries to spike the ball. But the Eagles defenders clearly recognized the huge error and tried to tackle Cousins.

The Eagles and Washington are locked in a tight 16-10 game that will effectively determine the winner of the NFC East. So in a game of this magnitude, it's fair to say that Eagles fans... like that.

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