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Eagles News: Malcolm Jenkins is one of the biggest Pro Bowl snubs

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/23/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles' Jaylen Watkins worried about winding up on ESPN vs. DeSean Jackson -
A motivated and focused Jackson is bound to be the focal point of the Eagles' defensive game plan this week but Watkins has one specific concern on his mind. "You're definitely aware of him," Watkins said of Jackson on Tuesday. "You'll be the guy on ESPN if you're not. We're very conscious of his alignments such as where he's at on certain formations and where he's lining up. That also helps."

DeMarco Murray Says He’s the Same Back, ‘If Not Better’ - Birds 24/7
One thing the reduced role has nothing to do with, he says, is health or a decline in ability. While evidence shows that it can be tough-sledding for backs coming off 300-plus carries, and though it's been debated whether he looks sluggish out there, Murray feels like he has not fallen off any physically. "I do," he said, when asked if he believes he is the same back as he was last year, "if not better. Feel a lot better." That 2014 campaign, though, feels worlds away. Murray has 606 yards on 176 attempts (3.4 avg.) this season, a far cry from the 392-carry, 1,845-yard (4.7 avg.) performance that landed him the rushing title, and later, a five-year, $40 million deal ($21 million guaranteed) in free agency from the Eagles. His time on the field continues to dwindle. He's received just 21 carries over the last three games combined, and touched the ball just two times on eight snaps in Sunday night's loss to the Cardinals.

The Eagles' missed tackles against the Cardinals, in gif form - PhillyVoice
Earlier this season, Buccaneers running back Doug Martin rumbled for 235 yards on 27 carries, leaving a trail of Eagles defenders in his wake. Many of his longer runs, however, were gigantic holes that opened up in the Eagles' defense. It's hard to imagine the Eagles playing worse run defense than they did that day. Somehow, they topped it Sunday night, when they were actually often in position to make plays, but simply couldn't tackle.

Evaluating Kiko - Iggles Blitz
I think there are a combination of factors at work. First, injuries. A torn ACL can ruin a career. Even if it heals right, the player has to get over the mental hurdle. Stewart Bradley tore his ACL in college and then in the NFL. He recovered from the college injury, but was never the same after the NFL injury. As much as anything, he just never looked as confident and comfortable on the field as he had been in the past. Alonso isn’t playing scared. He does look comfortable from a physical standpoint. His timing is off and he does seem to wear down. Those are the kind of issues that can go away with a time. He could be a completely different player in 2016.

The Kiko Alonso Factor In Eagles D -
The Eagles acquired Kiko Alonso in a March trade expecting him to be a three-down linebacker, an impact player in the defense and a versatile player who would allow them to add to their coverage scheme and their pass-rush design. We're 14 games into the season, and Alonso is still trying to find his way here ...

DeSean Jackson still reminding us of what Eagles lost - Daily News
One of the most impressive things about Kelly's 10-6 first season was the way he took players drafted to play in Andy Reid's offense and defense and found ways to make them successful in his system. The best year of Jackson's career was 2013. Ditto McCoy, who led the league in rushing. They might never hit those numbers again. This is a mark of good coaching, in any sport, adapting to the talent at hand. Yet this is the very thing Kelly has tried his hardest to eliminate, finding excuses - often blaming the salary cap, which somehow has room for $40 million worth of DeMarco Murray - for jettisoning players who don't fit exactly what he wants, on or off the field. The most recent offseason seemed mostly about constructing a team of guys who would play and practice the way Kelly wanted. You see the result.

Jets sign the NFL receiver who was begging for a job outside the Texans stadium - SB Nation
Joe Anderson's next chance at achieving his NFL dream is coming true. A month ago he was begging to be noticed by an NFL team, holding a sign outside the Texans stadium that said: "Not hungry, but STARVING for success." Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall took notice, sharing the image and saying Anderson was "one of the hardest working guys I've had the pleasure playing with." The two played together in Chicago and now they're destined to be teammates again.

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