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Mychal Kendricks had an interesting comment after the Eagles got blown out

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles got beaten decidedly by the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night by a final score of 40 to 17. But that bad loss apparently didn't shake the confidence of Eagles inside linebacker Mychal Kendricks. Just check out this post-game comment:

"That's real shit."

The Eagles' loss to the Cardinals was also "real shit." A real shitty loss, if you will.

It's bizarre to see Kendricks talking trash about Washington so shortly after Philadelphia was blown out on Sunday night. Or maybe some will say it's good he's already looking ahead to next week and not dwelling on the loss?

Still, it's a weird choice of words given the Eagles' poor performance on Sunday night. Talk is cheap. Kendricks and the Eagles should be aiming to let their play on the field do the talking.