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NFC Playoff Picture: Eagles can still clinch the division in Week 17

The Eagles lost on Sunday Night Football, but they're still alive.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles fans might not want to think about the 2016 NFL playoffs after losing to the Arizona Cardinals by a final score 40 to 17 on Sunday night, but the fact of the matter is that Philadelphia's football team is still alive. Here are two ways how the Eagles can still clinch the NFC East:

1) Eagles beat Washington in Week 16, Eagles beat Giants in Week 17

2) Eagles beat Washington in Week 16, Giants lose to Vikings in Week 16, Washington loses to Cowboys in Week 17, Eagles lose to Giants in Week 17

Either way, the Eagles absolutely must beat Washington next week. If the Eagles don't beat Washington, the Birds will be officially eliminated from the playoff race.

In the second scenario, the Eagles could actually make the playoffs at 7-9. They would still host a playoff game despite having a losing record.

It's hard to feel great about the Eagles' chance of actually winning in a playoff game given how awful they've looked at times this season. But the rest of the NFC East is pretty bad, too, and they just might be able to be the least worst.



Here's the entire current NFC playoff picture:

1) Carolina Panthers - 14-0 - Clinched division and bye
2) Arizona Cardinals - 12-2 - Clinched division
3) Green Bay Packers - 10-4 - Clinched playoff berth
4) Washington Redskins - 7-7
5) Seattle Seahawks - 9-5 - Clinched playoff berth
6) Minnesota Vikings - 9-5

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