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Here's what the Eagles need to do to upset the Cardinals

These are the three keys to the Eagles finding a way to beat the Cardinals.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals are set to play a big game today on Sunday Night Football. It's not a must-win affair for either team, but it's still expected to be highly competitive. The Cardinals are red hot after winning their last seven games. The Eagles, meanwhile, are on a two game win streak. Arizona is the better team on paper, but it's not always that simple. Here are three keys to an Eagles win in this game.

1) Let Ertz bring the hurt

Arizona's defense is really good. They don't have many weaknesses. The one area where they've been most vulnerable, however, is guarding opposing tight ends. The Cardinals have allowed the 19th most fantasy points to tight ends this season. This is a game where the Eagles need to get Zach Ertz involved.

Ertz is coming off his most productive game of the season. The 25-year-old tight end finished with five receptions for 98 yards last week, including a nifty 41-yard catch-and-run. Ertz has been able to do damage to the Cardinals in the past two years. In his last two games against Arizona, Ertz has 10 receptions for 116 yards and two touchdowns.

It doesn't hurt that Sam Bradford has shown a keen eye for Ertz recently. The Eagles' starting quarterback has targeted Ertz 24 times in their last four games played together.

2) Special teams and turnovers

A big reason why the Eagles were able to beat the Patriots and Bills the past two weeks is due to timely plays from their defense and special teams units. Forcing turnovers will be big in this game. The Arizona offense is too good not to be productive. The Eagles will need to steal a possession or two (or three or four or five) and capitalize on it.

Philadelphia's special teams unit might be one of the few areas where the Eagles have an edge in this game. Arizona's special teams unit ranks No. 21 by Football Outsiders. The Eagles, meanwhile, are No. 12. Cardinals punter Drew Butler ranks dead last in net yards per punt with 36.4. Stud Eagles punter Donnie Jones, meanwhile, is ranked third at 42.9.

It's not going to be easy for the Eagles to sustain their success with these plays on a weekly basis. They'll need them here, though.

3) Let Fletcher Cox and the pass rush eat

Arizona writers have identified Fletcher Cox versus the Cardinals' interior offensive line as one of the biggest concerns in this game. Cox has been playing great all season, but he's been especially beastly in Philadelphia's last two games. His tremendous efforts have paved the way for the Eagles' defensive success. Cox needs to have another big game here and find a way to disrupt Carson Palmer as much as possible.

The Eagles need more than just Cox, though. They need a big day from their entire pass rush. Look back to the success the Eagles had when they beat the New England Patriots. That upset was made possible because the Eagles kept hitting Tom Brady over and over. The Eagles forced New England to be one dimensional by abandoning the run and relying on the pass attack. Philadelphia's pass rush was then able to tee off on Brady. Palmer has much better weapons than Brady did, but the Eagles can hope to attack the veteran quarterback with a similar strategy.