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BGN Radio is offering new advertising opportunities

Sponsor us!

If you're interested in advertising with the biggest and best Philadelphia Eagles podcast in the entire universe, you're in luck. BGN Radio is now offering new sponsorship opportunities.

Why advertise with BGN Radio? We have a huge following of loyal supporters. We have a total of one million lifetime listens. We currently average 10,000 listens per episode. In addition to our biweekly podcast, we also have a weekly two-hour radio show live on 97.5 FM The Fanatic.

Here are some of the great advertising benefits we're offering, as outlined by BGN Radio host John Barchard:

- Mention the business at the top of the show with a 15 second promo
- Mention whatever you would like to promote in the middle of the show for 45 secs thru 1 minute
- Mention the business at the end of the show
- Provide a link on our show page every time we post it so people can click on your website directly from BGN
- Mention you on Twitter/Facebook when we post a show (4 accounts on Twitter: @BleedingGreen @BGN_Radio @BrandonGowton @JohnBarchard - Total of 57,000+ followers on Twitter and 57,000+ Facebook likes)

ie: BGN Radio Episode 200: Brought to you by [@yourcompany], What’s Next For Chip Kelly?

- Any contest that we run for Eagles tickets, Eagles gear, etc. on Twitter and Facebook will also have "Courtesy of [Your company]" - Normally when we do a contest like that it is just a "RT this and follow us for a chance to win tickets" type of contest. If you want your handle in that we can definitely do that.

- Up to 4 mins of commercial time on 97.5 The Fantatic

BGN Radio is open to all kinds of sponsorship opportunities for any kind of budget. We're willing to make things work.

If you're interested in sponsoring us or have any questions, please contact John Barchard at

We look forward to hearing from you.

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