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Dallas Cowboys officially eliminated from 2016 NFL playoff race

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys were officially eliminated from the 2016 NFL playoff picture on Saturday evening after losing to the New York Jets by a final score of 19 to 16. Dallas dropped to 4-10 on the season with the loss. The Cowboys were mathematically still alive until now thanks to the NFC East being awful this season.

Just one year after going 12-4 and winning a playoff game, the Cowboys could easily find themselves going 4-12 and getting a high draft pick. Dallas wasn't able to overcome missing Tony Romo for the better part of their season.

Philadelphia Eagles fans can rejoice that their team had a big part in the demise of the Cowboys this season. More specifically, it was inside rookie linebacker Jordan Hicks whom destroyed the Cowboys. His hit on Romo in Week 2 (pictured above) hurt Romo and forced the Cowboys to place him on injured reserve, designated to return. Romo got hurt again on Thanksgiving in his second start back from injury. The Cowboys were only to win a single game without him.

Dallas might be dead, but the Eagles are still alive and well. All Philadelphia needs to do is win their final two games to clinch the division.