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Eagles News: Jason Peters wants to go to the Super Bowl, not the Pro Bowl

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/18/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ..

Another Pro Bowl for Jason Peters? 'I’d rather get a ring now' - CSN Philly
"I honestly don’t care about the Pro Bowl," Peters said Thursday. "It doesn’t matter to me. If I get it, it’s nice, but at this point in my career, I want a ring. I don’t want a Pro Bowl. "If I don’t get picked, it’ll just make me work harder, but that’s it. Other than that, it’s not something I think about." Among active offensive linemen, only Joe Thomas of the Browns, with eight, has been to more Pro Bowls than Peters. In NFL history, there have been 37 offensive linemen — or two-way linemen from back in the day — picked to eight or more Pro Bowls. Only nine aren’t in the Hall of Fame. Even though Peters didn’t get to Philly until his sixth NFL season, he is still tied for sixth in Eagles history with his five Pro Bowls as an Eagle.

Two sides to Bradford's will he stay or go drama - The Intell
Here is the other side, my side: Bradford simply does not want to say anything about his plans, not after working so hard to get where he is. You see, that has been his stonewall approach since the minute he got here when talking about his future. Nothing has changed That’s not to say he hasn’t thought about what’s next in those quiet moments at home, where he spends most of his time away from the team’s facility, eschewing the night life. I am not stupid enough, though, to think that Bradford could very well pack up and leave town, going to the highest bidder.

A statistical look at the potential 2016 free agent quarterback class, and where Sam Bradford fits in - PhillyVoice
We're not exactly comparing Bradford to Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees here. We're comparing him guys like Hoyer, Cousins, and Fitzpatrick, and it still isn't good. I like the line from Moneyball delivered by Brad Pitt -- "If he's a good hitter, why doesn't he hit good?" Well, if Sam Bradford is a good quarterback worth $15-20 million dollars per season, shouldn't he quarterback good?

Eagles' Byron Maxwell earning his salary - Daily News
Maxwell has played better in recent games than he did earlier in the season. But he insists the pressure of being The $63 million man wasn't the reason for his early struggles. "I wasn't pressing or anything," he said this week as he prepared for the Arizona Cardinals and their seemingly bottomless supply of lethal wide receivers. "I just needed to sharpen my technique. The more time you're out there the more opportunities you have to get better. My technique is definitely getting better each week."

All-22: Why Fletcher Cox Is So Dominant - Birds 24/7
There are stats that reflect how dominant Cox has been, such as how many hurries he's accumulated. In his last five games, he's recorded two sacks, nine quarterback hits and 23 hurries. In that same stretch, J.J. Watt has tallied five sacks, 12 quarterback hits and six hurries. According to Pro Football Focus, Cox ranks fifth in pass rush productivity in the NFL, tallying seven sacks, 10 quarterback hits and 45 pressures. He's also seventh in the league in run stop percentage. "Fletcher's a very well-rounded defensive lineman," Davis said. "He can give you a good two-gap and hold the point on a double-team. He can convert the run into a pass rush really easy. Then when it's just the flat-out pass rush, he's got a couple of nice inside moves. He's giving people fits and hopefully he'll get the Pro Bowl recognition he deserves."

Sam’s Future - Iggles Blitz
Bradford has played well in recent weeks, but he has a long way to go before he gets to the level where he’s worth huge money. The Eagles need to be careful not to overpay him (within reason). Don’t lose a QB you like over a little money. Those guys have a transcendent value. The current version of Sam Bradford isn’t good enough to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl. The guy we saw in the summer looked much better. Defenses were simpler and the Eagles just performed like a machine. Bradford has improved over the course of the season. And he’s still hurt by drops. The bad INTs have gone away (knock on wood). As he gets more comfortable and his chemistry with the receivers improves, Bradford should continue to improve.

Eagles' Chip Kelly isn't concerned with how many carries DeMarco Murray gets -
"I've never been concerned with making any individual happy," Kelly said. "Our focus and goal is always on trying to win the football game. So anywhere I've ever been, I've never heard any coach ever discuss anything like that. Coincidence or not, the Eagles have been winning games since the Eagles decided to decrease Murray's playing time. After playing 62 snaps against the Miami Dolphins in Week 10, Murray has seen his playing time dramatically decrease, and played just 14 snaps two weeks ago against the New England Patriots.

Cover 2: Cardinals A Tall Task -
Chris McPherson is joined by Brandon Lee Gowton of and Josh Paunil of Birds 24/7 to discuss the Eagles' win over Buffalo and look ahead to the 11-2 Arizona Cardinals ...

LOOK: 32 NFL helmets redesigned to get you ready for latest 'Star Wars' -
To commemorate the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' we've decided that now would be the perfect time to show you what all 32 NFL helmets would look like if they were redesigned using 'Star Wars' characters.

The Officiating Mess: Worse than Ever, or Just Louder Critics? | The MMQB with Peter King
A series of high-profile gaffes has forced the NFL to make policy changes for the playoffs. But are things really as bad as they seem, or are mistakes being amplified by the constant scrutiny of every play by everyone from every angle?

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