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New Eagles practice squad signing fails his physical

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Craig Bills era in Philadelphia has come to an end before it ever really even got started. The former Brigham Young University safety failed his physical and will not be joining the Eagles' practice squad, according to an official announcement from the team.

With Bills gone before he ever arrived, the Eagles are keeping cornerback Mike Lee on the scout team. Lee first joined Philadelphia's practice squad in late November.

Bills was one of two safeties the Eagles worked out earlier this week. The other was former New York Giants and Green Bay Packers defensive back Kyle Sebetic.

Here's a reminder of what Philadelphia's 10-man practice squad looks like now:

CB Mike Lee
OL Brett Boyko
OL Malcolm Bunche
CB Randall Evans
LB Brandon Hepburn
WR Freddie Martino
QB Stephen Morris
TE Chris Pantale
DE Travis Raciti
LB Deontae Skinner