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Eagles News: Philadelphia is still projected to win the division

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/15/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles Stay Atop Division Projections even with Redskins Win - Crossing Broad
The make or break game is really going to be the Week 16 matchup against the Redskins. The Eagles can lose to the Giants and still beat them in the tiebreaker, but if they lose to both the Redskins and Giants? It’s over. You can say what you want about Chip (racist, jerk, dictator, etc.), but in his three years as coach, he’s always kept it interesting.

Cutting down on penalties benefits Eagles - Daily News
The offense was still not a well-oiled machine Sunday, or in the Eagles' bare-knuckles win over the Patriots. The Eagles are still a team that lives and dies by its defensive front and the turnovers its pressure creates, and it was thus on Sunday. There were seven penalties called against Buffalo's offensive line, which had a bear of a time containing the Eagles' defensive front, particularly Fletcher Cox. But their own low penalty number at least offers a hint of hope that the offense will take a bigger bite over the critical three games that end this season, especially with Bradford's comfort level continually improving.

Exposé: Tracking Stephen A. Smith's travels across Philadelphia as Eagles players trash Chip Kelly - PhillyVoice
Now, I know what you're thinking. It may seem unlikely that Stephen A. would just happen to run into several Eagles players while wandering aimlessly in the city, especially since most of them don't even live in the city itself. It may also seem unlikely that if Eagles players did happen to spot Stephen A. Smith, they would seek him out to complain about their coach instead of just enjoying a rare sliver of free time they have during the grind of the football season. And finally, it may seem unlikely that the player would seek out the reporter, instead of the other way around. But it happened, and I can account for every last conversation Stephen A. had with Eagles players during his stroll across Philly, because I was following him.

Chip Kelly: ‘I Don’t Know What A Catch Is’ - CBS Philly
"I’m just speaking for most coaches," Kelly said. "We talk in our meetings, I have no idea what is considered a catch or what — I know what I think is considered a catch, but I’m wrong in what I think is considered a catch." Kelly was asked if he felt the Riley Cooper play was a catch. "I thought that it was a really good football game yesterday," Kelly said.

Eagle Eye: How McCoy Was Shut Down -
Sunday’s victory over the Buffalo Bills was a great team win, with plays being made in all three phases. With such a dynamic offense coming to Lincoln Financial Field, I felt it was important to start the week off looking at the Eagles' defense and its performance against quarterback Tyrod Taylor, running back LeSean McCoy, wide receiver Sammy Watkins and company. It’s no surprise who the most dominant player on the field was on Sunday because he has played that way week in and week out for the better part of the last two seasons. Fletcher Cox, who celebrated his 25th birthday in style in the win over Buffalo, was flat out unblockable for most of the afternoon. He forced a number of penalties, was disruptive in the run game and got after Taylor from the jump on Sunday afternoon. It all started on the first series of the game.

Winning - Iggles Blitz
he Eagles were at 4-7 less than 10 days ago. The team pulled off a very impressive upset of the Patriots last Sunday and then beat the Bills yesterday to improve to 6-7. The Eagles are not exactly a smooth machine right now, but they are finding ways to win. Ideally you want a team to play good football in December. The team should peak as they make a playoff run. The Eagles haven’t come close to peaking, but they are headed in the right direction. One of the most impressive things to me is that the team is getting contributions from all 3 phases. Offense, defense and STs all played a big part in the two wins. As I watched the 4th quarter on Sunday, I thought to myself that this is a game the Eagles would have lost in September or October. Football games can sometimes come down to a handful of moments. Good teams make plays. Bad teams talk about what could have been. If only we’d hit that FG. What if the receiver caught that pass? And so on.

Eagles-Bills, The Day After - Birds 24/7
"Fletcher on anybody is a matchup we like," Billy Davis responded. "You could see Incognito was getting a little frustrated  a couple times and there were penalties happening. We move him around a little anyway to see what he likes. And he doesn't care. He says, 'Put me on anybody. I'll be fine, coach.'" The Bills did not appear to throw much double-team help in Incognito's direction, allowing Cox to feast. "You saw the havoc it wreaked when he didn't [have double team help]," said Johnson. "I think anytime you're playing Fletcher Cox, you better have a good game plan. You can't just have one guy block him." Teams will likely heed that advice more as Cox continues to build his resume and reputation.

Are the Eagles seeing the real Sam Bradford? -
All right what happened to the real Sam Bradford and who is this guy in a No. 7 Eagles jersey with long sleeves impersonating him? The real Sam Bradford doesn't win games like the one the Eagles won 23-20 over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Just check his record over the past five years in St. Louis. He barely wins any games, never mind tough ones like Sundays. And the real Sam Bradford isn't efficient, either. Again check his record. This guy is. For the second straight week he made all the big plays and won a game that a lot of people didn't think was going to happen.

Zach Ertz: 'It felt really good to be able to run someone over' - CSN Philly
Last year was supposed to be Zach Ertz's breakout season. Didn't happen. Ertz worked on his blocking in the offseason and was set to receive more playing time. So this had to be the year, right? Eh ... abdominal surgery and a concussion and a troubled offense have gotten in the way. But we're seeing signs. "Zach Ertz had one catch, probably the best catch and run I've seen him [make]," Lane Johnson said after the Eagles' 23-20 victory Sunday over the Bills.

2016 NFL Draft order: Titans reclaim first overall pick - SB Nation
Three teams at the top have a 3-10 record, but a strength of schedule tiebreaker gives Tennessee the top choice over Cleveland and San Diego.

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