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The Washington Redskins lead the NFC East, but they’re still embarrassing

Look out, there's a new gold standard.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

What does it mean to be a leader? If you're Sam Bradford, you trap everyone in the shower to give a pre-game speech. If you're the Cowboys, it means you inspire your teammates with domestic assault. If you're the Giants, you hoard free stuff. But that's not really leadership. Leadership is setting an example, leadership is doing what must be done in the face of adversary, leadership is emboldening those around you to follow you. So far this season, the leaders of the NFC East, off and on the field, are the Washington Redskins.

Washington Redskins (6-7)

Last Week: Took a 14-0 lead against the Bears and then blew it,  letting Chicago tie it up at 21 all in the third quarter. Then the Redskins kicked a field goal in the fourth quarter and held on to win 24-21 and hold on to first place in the division. But like after just about every Redskins win, the action on the field paled in comparison to the action off the field. During the game, in which Keanu Cousins threw for a touchdown and rushed for another, the Redskins accidentally revealed that they run the "fan" account @RedskinsFacts when they mistakenly tweeted a game update intended for the @Redskins account on the @RedskinsFacts account.

This created a minor stir on Sunday, because apparently there are people in this world that did not think that of course, of course, the Redskins, who pretend a white guy was their Native American coach, who sell stale peanuts and beer, and are just a joke of an organization in every facet, would astroturf, website that is not filled with facts.

This Week: Host the Bills and noted racism awareness advocator LeSean McCoy.

Tweets of the Week:

Philadelphia Eagles (6-7)

Last Week: After a week of off-field distractions, a classic Redskins move, the Eagles picked up where they left off and continued their blistering offensive pace with Sam Bradford throwing for 6.5 yard per attempt, DeMarco Murray rushing for 3.1 yards per carry and Riley Cooper messing things up while special teams, recovering a fumble, and the defense (aside from a big play against Byron Maxwell), played well, sealing the game with an interception, contributed heavily to the 23-20 win over the Bills. The Eagles won the offseason, a patented Redskins move, and now they're finally winning games.

This Week: Host pants pooper Bruce Arians and the Cardinals.

Tweets of the Week:

New York Giants (6-7)

Last Week: The Giants beat the lousy Dolphins 31-24 and it was the same stuff as all the other weeks: poor clock management (they had two drives late in the 4th quarter where they threw on third down in each of them), a lousy defense (Miami, on it's second head coach and second offensive coordinator this season, had their best offesive performance since October) and constant sideline shots of Eli Manning and Bob McAdoo looking at a Surface with utter confusion on their faces. Odell Beckham made another highlight catch, this time in a win, but the real highlight of the game was:

Not to be outdone by the rest of the division's midweek shenanigan's, the Giants cut Damontre Moore for fighting a teammate. The final straw in his misbehavior was because he got into an altercation with former Eagles Media Darling Cullen Jenkins after Jenkins took extra pairs of free Beats by Dre that Beckham brought in, leaving Moore with none. Beats By Dre aren't even good, and everyone in the Giants locker room can easily afford them anyway, but children will be children.

This Week: The Giants will beat the Panthers then lose out the rest of the season because it's the Giants.

Tweets of the Week:

Dallas Cowboys (4-9)

Last Week: The Cowboys returned to Lambeau Field, site of their playoff loss last year and once again Dez dropped it.

Playoff form, though they have no hope of making the playoffs. Also Matt Cassel threw for 114 yards and Darren McFadden rushed for 111, so at least they're balanced offensively. But hey we got another "great" La'el Collins GIF!

The guy that Collins "blocked" made the tackle.

We won't see any not-nearly-as-awesome-as-people-make-it-out-to-be La'el Collins GIFs from practice though, because the Cowboys have taken a page from the leadership of the Redskins with their media restrictions.

The next Dez Bryant meltdown will not be televised.

This Week: Host the Jets, meaning Cowboy fans have seen a playoff team five times this year (Cowboys have hosted the Jets, Panthers, Patriots, Seahawks and NFC East winner).

Tweets of the Week: