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Eagles News: Rex Ryan gave a big compliment to Fletcher Cox

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/14/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

10 things we learned from the Eagles' win - BGN
Posted late last night.

Fletcher Cox earns high praise from Rex Ryan - Inquirer
No one has ever compared Fletcher Cox to Jerome Brown - at least not publicly - but Rex Ryan knew what he was saying when he compared the Eagles defensive end to one of the greatest defensive linemen in team history. That [No.] 91 is a good player," Ryan said of Cox. "I was laughing when I saw him being compared to Jerome Brown, but I'm not laughing now." Cox is entering rarefied air. He proved worthy of comparisons to Brown with another disruptive performance. Cox led the Eagles with a team-high seven solo tackles, recorded a sack, and had two other tackles for losses Sunday in a 23-20 win over Ryan's Buffalo Bills.

Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Bills game - PhillyVoice
Donnie Football punted seven times today, for an average of 50.4 yards. But he not only hit his punts with distance, he seemed to have outstanding hang time as well. He flipped field position all game long, and forced the Bills to drive the entire field against the Eagles' defense. One of his punts, which had particularly good hang time was muffed because the punt returner could feel gunner Jaylen Watkins bearing down on him. Donnie Jones J'owns.

Sam Bradford gives rousing speech before Eagles' 23-20 win over Buffalo Bills -
On a day that was all about LeSean McCoy's return to Philadelphia, it was Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford that stoked the fire of his teammates prior to Sunday's 23-20 win over the Buffalo Bills at Lincoln Financial Field. "Before the game, he gave us a big pregame speech and that really got us fired up," Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson said. "He's not really a guy who says a whole lot, but whenever he does, everybody listens." The message from Bradford was a simple one.

Dominant day by Cox leaves Incognito at a loss - The Buffalo News
The Buffalo Bills’ best offensive lineman of the 2015 season, a veteran who has resurrected his once-doomed NFL career, took a seat and didn’t mince words. Richie Incognito has been a constant this season. Reliable. Dependable. One risk who has absolutely worked out in a locker room full of them. But this was a very long, very frustrating afternoon. "Fletcher Cox, he ate my lunch today," Incognito said. "He really shows up on film and makes a lot of plays. I got to see it first-hand today. He got me early and often. I didn’t play nearly up to my level. I’m man enough to say I didn’t play well enough for this team to win."

Eagles Win the Shady Bowl - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles beat Buffalo 23-20, in a tough, dramatic game where LeSean McCoy ended up being more of a sidenote than the focus. Shady was front and center all week, but he ended up with 20 carries for 74 yards. He played well in the 1st half, but simply had no room to run in the 2nd. This wasn’t a pretty game by any stretch. Dropped passes once again hurt the Eagles. Tyrod Taylor’s combination of running and passing skills led the Bills to 412 yards, but only 20 points. The Eagles defense made key plays, including the game-winning INT by Ed Reynolds. Wait, was this the preseason? Who told Reynolds he could make a big play in a big game?

Chip Kelly on LeSean McCoy, Fletcher Cox, DeMarco Murray & more - CSN Philly
Sam Bradford had a pretty good outing on the whole. Bradford went 23 for 38 for 247 yards and a touchdown. He also threw an interception, but it was a questionable call by the officials. "I thought Sam played outstanding," Kelly said. "He really put the ball on guys [Sunday]. There weren’t any real errant throws. We had a couple of drops that, if we caught those, I think he did a great job."

McCoy: ‘I Got Nothing To Say’ - Birds 24/7
In his first game in Philadelphia since the Eagles traded him to the Bills for Kiko Alonso, McCoy ran for 74 yards on 20 carries and caught four passes for 35 yards. He bounced up and down on the sidelines as teams warmed up, and when he met the Eagles’ captains at mid-field, he knelt down and kissed the Eagles logo. The 27-year-old back hid nothing. This game was his Super Bowl. "Early in the week, he came in the building, getting in guys’ faces, just kind of building it up, letting us know he really wanted it," Bills running back Boobie Dixon said after the game. "And we really wanted it for him." McCoy exploded for 63 yards in the first half on just 12 carries, bouncing runs and shaking off would-be tacklers the way he often did in this city when he ran for 6,792 yards with the Eagles. But in the second half, the gears ground to a halt.

Football Wins Over Hype For Eagles -
Think back to where the Eagles were after the loss in Detroit on Thanksgiving, their third straight, and the feelings for this football team. The difference between then and now is stark after a thrilling 23-20 win over Buffalo on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field ...

Washington's NFL team accidentally revealed it runs that 'fan' Twitter account supporting its name - SB Nation
The account's bio still claims that Redskins Facts is "a growing online community of passionate Washington Redskins fans," but the jig is now officially up. We now know that at least one person running the "fan" account is also a person running the team's real account.

Eagles and NRG are working together to give away tickets, prize packs, and more
Check this out, Eagles fans! And stay tuned to BGN for more info on contests involving free tickets.

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