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Chip Kelly denies calling LeSean McCoy leading up to Eagles-Bills game

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Remember that the report about Chip Kelly calling LeSean McCoy leading up to the Philadelphia Eagles' game against the Buffalo Bills this week? The one where Kelly called McCoy and the running back hung up? It never happened, according to the Eagles coach.

"But when people want to make up false stories about me calling someone during the week and them hangin up on me, I just think people are trying to get Twitter hits and things like that and make themselves significant when stuff doesn't happen," Kelly said.

A reporter asked Kelly to confirm that he didn't phone a call from McCoy.

"No, I never called McCoy this week," said Kelly. "I think it was the Inquirer, is that you?"

Here's a video of how the exchange went down:

Despite Kelly's denial, The Inquirer is still standing by their original report.

McCoy himself was unable to confirm or deny the report because he was too busy being a sore loser after the game.

Whether Kelly called McCoy or not is in the past now. The Eagles are ready to move ahead to their Week 14 game against the Arizona Cardinals.

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