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Former Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel took a shot at Chip Kelly


Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Have you ever wondered what former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel is up to these days? If so, well, now you know. He's taking shots at Chip Kelly on Twitter.

Samuel didn't mention Chip by name here, but if you had any doubts:

This isn't the first time Samuel has taken a shot at his former team recently. He tweeted this on Thanksgiving while the Eagles were getting blown out by the Detroit Lions:

Oh, Asante.

The weird part about Samuel's distaste for Kelly is that the two were never in Philadelphia together. Andy Reid and/or Howie Roseman traded Samuel away prior to the 2012 season. Kelly took over during the 2013 offseason. I guess Samuel is just upset with how Kelly treated some of his former teammates.

The 34-year-old Samuel hasn't been in the league since he was released by the Atlanta Falcons in Feb. 2014. Funny enough, the Eagles still own a draft pick connected to the Samuel trade. The Eagles traded Samuel away for a seventh round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. That pick was used on Bryce Brown. The Eagles traded Brown away to the Buffalo Bills during the 2014 offseason in exchange for a 2015 fourth round pick (along with a seventh round pick swap that helped the Eagles get Beau Allen). The Eagles traded that fourth round pick to the Detroit Lions for a third round selection in the 2016 NFL Draft.