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Eagles Rumors: NFL executives believe DeMarco Murray is trying to force his way back to the Dallas Cowboys

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DeMarco Murray has obviously been a big topic of discussion this week after he reportedly expressed frustration about his lack of playing time to Eagles CEO and Chairman Jeffrey Lurie. Chip Kelly downplayed Murray's meeting with Lurie this week, but that hasn't stopped questions being raised about Murray's future with the Eagles. According to NFL insider Jason Cole, some league executives actually think Murray is trying to force his way out of Philadelphia and back to the Dallas Cowboys:

"In talking to multiple NFL executives, what they believe about the story of DeMarco Murray going to Eagles owner Jeff Lurie to complain about coach Chip Kelly and supposed broken promises is that this is a way, they believe, that Murray is trying to get out of Philadelphia and ultimately return to the Dallas Cowboys. Murray has found out this season that he doesn’t fit with the Eagles just like Kelly has found out that Murray doesn’t fit with the Eagles and their offensive scheme. He did fit with the Dallas offensive scheme, a more down-hill approach, a more physical approach to blocking. The problem for the Cowboys is that there’s $31 million, including $9 million guaranteed, remaining on the final four years of the deal with the Eagles. So a trade, which would already be problematic between the Eagles and the Cowboys, would be even less so because the Cowboys wouldn’t want to pay that kind of contract. So the Cowboys would ultimately have to see if Murray gets cut in order for that to happen. That becomes the big question. Will Chip Kelly realize the error of his ways on this personnel decision with DeMarco Murray and cut Murray at the end of the season despite the fact that Murray has that $9 million in guaranteed money remaining for the 2016 and partially for the 2017 season?"

Why this rumor makes sense

Murray has certainly struggled with the Eagles. It wouldn't be crazy to think he would enjoy going back to the team where he was successful. Especially if the Eagles are going to essentially bench Murray like they did in the Patriots game.

From the Cowboys' perspective, they probably wouldn't mind having Murray back. Joseph Randle was supposed to be the next great thing but Dallas ended up releasing him. Darren McFadden hasn't lit the world on fire. The Cowboys tried taking a flyer on Christine Michael but it didn't work out. They could use a solution at running back and Murray might be appealing to them.

Why this rumor doesn't make sense

The money is what makes this scenario unlikely. As Cole mentions, the Eagles are basically stuck with Murray. The Eagles would have $13 million in dead money if they cut Murray after this year. Financially, it doesn't make sense for the Eagles to realistically cut Murray until 2017. The Eagles might hope this was just a down year for Murray after coming off such a big 2014 workload and he'll be able to rebound next year.

Likelihood: 2/10

I don't think it's impossible Murray gets cut this offseason. I just don't think it's the likely outcome at this point, but things could change.