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Philadelphia Eagles rank as one of most painful NFL teams to watch

Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off of their most exciting win of the 2015 season. Their victory over the New England Patriots in Foxborough was an exciting and entertaining game. But Eagles fans know the Patriots game hasn't been the norm for this season. More often than not, the Eagles have been boring and bad. Before beating the Patriots the Eagles limped through two games where they allowed 45 points in each affair. It's no surprise, then, that the Eagles have been deemed as one of the NFL's most unwatchable teams. Via an article from the Wall Street Journal:

Here's their explanation for the Eagles:

The win over the New England Patriots on Sunday was a season-saver, but that doesn’t mean they’ve played beautifully. They rank in the top five in dropped passes, rushes for no gain, pre-snap penalties and are second-worst in length of passes.

There's no question the source of frustration has been, more often than not, Philadelphia's offense. Aside from their awful performances in Week 11 and Week 12, the defense has been solid. But it doesn't matter much how good the defense is when the offense goes three-and-out every time and can't stay on the field.

The best part about all of this is that the Eagles are currently tied for first in the NFC East and even favored to win it all. One of the NFL's most painful teams to watch just might be playoff bound!