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Eagles News: Stats suggest DeMarco Murray's struggles not due to scheme

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/10/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

DeMarco Murray Is Not A Bad Scheme Fit; He Is Just Playing Badly - EaglesRewind
You will see that Murray has not consistently struggled with runs to the outside. His numbers are fairly even throughout his career, save for minor differences that can likely be explained by a difference in talent at specific spots on the Cowboys offensive line (much like you will see the Eagles running backs excelling running behind Jason Peters over other positions). In other words, we cannot blame Murray’s lack of production on Kelly calling too many outside runs. So what about this whole running under shotgun theory? To Werner’s credit, Murray has run more from under center throughout his career, to the tune of 841 to 256 carries, per And as anyone who has played football will tell you, there is a difference between running under center versus running in the shotgun. So some growing pains were to be expected. But looking at Murray’s production throws cold water on Werder’s theory: Murray has never struggled running from shotgun before in his career.

Eagles' Darren Sproles says he wouldn't complain to Jeffrey Lurie (like DeMarco Murray did) -
Has Sproles ever sat next to Lurie on the plane?  "Nope" Would Sproles ever go to the team owner to ask for more touches? "Nope" Why not? "Nope"

DeMarco Murray playing time flap not what Eagles need - Daily News
If Murray had been willing to answer questions Tuesday or Wednesday, the story would just about be over, at least until there was another set of snap counts to analyze Sunday afternoon in the Bills game. But Murray has declined to speak until Thursday, his regularly scheduled day. This ensures that Thursday, too, will be about his meeting with Lurie and how it made its way into the headlines. If I were Lurie, Kelly, or an Eagles media executive, Murray's opting to make a two-day story into a three-day story would not thrill me.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: The Tyrod Taylor Effect - Birds 24/7’s Ian Rapoport reported in October that Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor, whom the Eagles will face this Sunday, wanted a chance to prove himself in Chip Kelly’s offense this offseason. Instead, Kelly gave a training camp spot to Tim Tebow, who is now out of the league while Taylor is thriving with Buffalo as the fourth-highest-rated quarterback in the NFL. Former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy was asked if Taylor would have fit in the Eagles’ offseason, and McCoy — while slightly biased as he’s talking about the man handing him the ball each Sunday — was clear in his evaluation. "He would kill it," McCoy said.

Is DeMarco Murray trying to talk his way out of Philly? - PFT
It now appears that Murray said what he said to Lurie — on the plane home from the biggest upset of the season — and then had the information leaked to the media in order to cajole Kelly into cutting Murray, allowing him to walk away with a $5 million signing bonus, a $3 million roster bonus, a $1 million base salary in 2015, and a $7 million fully-guaranteed base salary in 2016. Kelly, by splitting hairs over whether Murray’s breach of protocol happened within the context of a formal meeting or via chance encounter, is his way of not taking the bait.

Here's why polarizing Chip Kelly needs another year with Eagles - Yahoo!
This is what lies ahead for Chip: getting that offense turned in the right direction. And there is a long, scary consideration ahead about whether Sam Bradford is the right guy to lead it. Kelly says Bradford is still growing in the scheme, but his play leaves a massive argument to the contrary. In fairness to Kelly, he tried to get the quarterback he believed was the right guy when he offered the Tennessee Titans a massive package for a draft pick that would have been used to take Marcus Mariota. Had Kelly pulled that off, this tenor of the conversation in Philadelphia would likely be vastly different, even if the team had the same 5-7 record.

Fan-Demonium: Big Plays, Big Win -
One of the best aspects of the game is that Kelly kept the Eagles aggressive. When they were up 28-14, he could have gone very conservative. Kelly had them run the ball to work the clock, but then mixed in play-action passes. When the team had third-and-two from the 10-yard line, Kelly could have easily run the ball and kicked the field goal if that didn't work. He wanted that touchdown and gave his players a chance to make a play. They did.

Boobie Dixon: We have to beat Eagles 'for Shady' - ESPN
An excited LeSean McCoy told his Buffalo Bills teammates Tuesday morning that he will need their help Sunday in defeating his former team, the Philadelphia Eagles. "Today he walked in the building, full of juice, full of energy," running back Boobie Dixon said. "He walked pretty much in a lot of guys' faces and just let us know, he need us this week. So I can't wait, man. I'm excited."

DeMarco Murray is probably stuck with the Eagles, even if he hates it - SB Nation
It's actually more expensive for the Eagles to release DeMarco Murray at this point than it is to just use him as a backup.

Mike's Walk of Shame After Eagle's Victory - FOX29
Mike Jerrick completed the rest of his promise and marched to Chip Kelly’s office live on air this morning, and apologized for not having faith in the Eagles.

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